Production at Gartenmetall® - everything from one company

Gartenmetall® in Nuertingen - Manufacturing from one company

What makes GARTENMETALL® products so unique? We produce 100% made in Germany and almost 100% made by GARTENMETALL® All steps – from the initial product idea to production-ready development and manufacturing – come from a single source and from a single company.

What characterizes GARTENMETALL®? Thanks to our own production, we know our products inside out. Therefore we can not only provide you with professional advice but also offer you the best service around our garden objects and street furniture – up to delivery and installation.

This results in many advantages for the users of our garden objects and street furniture:

    • We have full influence on the high-end manufacturing quality, because we know exactly what is important.
    • Special designs are always possible and welcome. We are very happy to do so!
    • Our machinery is optimally designed for our products.
    • We can quickly and easily reproduce or add goods at any time.
    • We know all the details of our products and can therefore provide you with expert advice.
    • We are connected with our region. We only offer 100% made by GARTENMETALL® in Germany.

There are more steps involved than you might think before we can hand you your finished favorite piece of metal. Here is a short overview:

Important steps until your Gartenmetall® product is with you:

1. Construction and work preparation

We design all our metal garden objects and street furniture ourselves in modern 3D CAD systems. Therefore we can react quickly and flexibly to your suggestions and also implement special requests without any problems. Afterwards your metal objects are scheduled in the work preparation and manufactured step by step in our production.

Pictures from garden metal production: construction and work preparation

2. Raw material from stock

Not all sheet metal is the same. When purchasing we pay attention to high-quality basic material so that we can provide you with high-quality and durable garden objects and street furniture. For example for corten steel we use only metal without rolling skin. Even though this is more expensive it can be processed much more precisely and no rolling skin flakes off after bursting. Thanks to our well thought-out stock-keeping, we are always able to deliver – even in difficult times.

Garden metal production pictures: raw material, warehouse

3. Laser cutting

Our metal parts are manufactured on ultra modern CNC laser cutting machines from the market leader TRUMPF. Even the most detailed motifs can be cut from the raw sheets, for example for our VISTA motif walls.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: laser cutting

4. Bending

Our industrially programmed bending machines ensure that all corners and edges of the garden objects are precisely on angle. The interaction of raw material, bending tool and modern and well-maintained press brake is the guarantee for success.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: folding

5. Welding

Almost every one of our garden objects consists of numerous individual parts that need to be connected with each other. To weld plant troughs, water basins and other metal objects straight and with low deformation, a lot of experience and a lot of skill is needed. Our welders have both. You can see this in our end products: clean edges, barely visible weld seams. This high quality distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: welding

6. Sanding

Fine sanding for a perfect surface: the garden objects are sanded at the welds in such a way that practically no seam is seen later, regardless of the type of metal from which the elements were made.
On objects made of stainless steel, fingerprints and small scratches are visible quickly. Therefore we sand all of our stainless steel objects with a non-directional Rotex grind. This ensures that sunlight is evenly refracted and fingerprints are hardly noticeable. And the most important advantage: Scratches, that are caused by installation or use, can be removed easily and without loss of quality on site. You can find out more about stainless steel surfaces and care products here: >>> STAINLESS STEEL

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: sanding

7. Rusting

Corten steel in the raw state has a bright surface. To ensure that you receive your garden objects still in the desired look, we rust the visible sides of all metal objects with our SUPER-ROST-Pad. Within 24 hours the desired surface is achieved. You can learn more about this step here: >>> RUST-METHOD

But it takes a while for the natural rust surface to form. You can find everything important about corten steel and its special surface on our material page: >>> CORTEN STEEL

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: Rusting

8. Shoot threaded bolt

Before the final assembly, there are still many small things to complete: Cut threads, make countersinks or – as in the photo – shoot threaded bolts on one side. The advantage of this particular method is that no screw connection is visible on either side.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: Cutting threaded bolt

9. Assembly and testing

After the metal objects are manufactured, our employees assemble the individual parts and insert the accessories. For example for water objects, the connections and the pump are installed and for garden kitchens, doors, drawers and countertop are added. In this process we assemble as much as possible but also make sure that the goods can still be packed for transport.
Last but not least, we check the products: In case of the water basins AQUA LINEA for example, the black plastic coating is checked for tightness. In case of the water curtain AQUA RAIN as another example, the water outlet nozzles still have to be checked. This means that there are many small steps before you get a perfect garden object which you can enjoy for a long time.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: Assembly and testing

10. Packing and delivery

Finally done! Your garden object has gone through all the necessary production steps and is carefully packed and its way to you. When receiving the goods, make sure that the packaging is not damaged and that the goods arrive to you as perfect as they left our house.

Pictures from Gartenmetall production: Packing and delivery