for the public space


in the urban area

In public spaces, built-up areas, transportation and open spaces often compete with each other. But people need retreat areas, especially in urban areas, in order to regenerate. These can be squares that offer a high quality of stay, as well as parks, cemeteries or other public green and open spaces.

An important focus for urban planners and municipal designers must be to make these urban open spaces attractive to the population through specially adapted street furniture for public spaces, thus creating a livable environment, an urban city space, so to speak. We are happy to provide suggestions and tips for sustainable design of urban spaces and open spaces.

A city space

for people

Urban spaces must always manage the balancing act between different interests. On the one hand, this includes recreational areas for the population such as green areas with trees, perennials and bedding plants. This urban green filters the air, provides shade and soothes and pleases the eye. In order for people to use these areas, parks should not skimp on benches and other seating. Special seating and lounging furniture further enhance the greenways and are usually enthusiastically accepted.

It is always important that street furniture for public spaces is robust, weather-resistant and stable against vandalism. On the other hand, urban spaces should also provide space for festivals, weekly markets and other events. Here, the focus is more on free and thus flexibly usable areas. However, if a monotonous paved area is not to be created, these urban areas can be enhanced with mobile tree tubs or plant troughs with a bench. If necessary, they can be moved by crane or – for smaller objects – by forklift.

Design ideas

for public spaces

Benches are the ideal design element when it comes to increasing the intensity of use and stay of urban open spaces. They invite you to rest after a stroll through the city, but are also specifically targeted as a place to relax. There are very different models that can be installed depending on the room situation or objective. Straight ben ches invite single users, couples or small families to take a seat. Round benches, thanks to their ergonomic shape, fit into parks and urban greenery. They form inviting rest areas where people like to take a seat. The seating comfort of benches can be significantly increased if the benches are equipped with back and side rests.

Mobile plant troughs with integrated bench are specially designed for use in public spaces. If necessary, they can be easily moved aside by crane or forklift, thus reconciling various interests. In recent years, the bicycle as a means of transportation has experienced a real boom, also thanks to e-technology. If city planners want to avoid crisscrossing and plugging in of bicycles, sufficient bicycle parking spaces and bicycle parking should be available in public spaces. This is true not only for train station forecourts, but also for public spaces near city halls, schools, and storefronts.

An intelligent signage system with information pillars, display boards and signposts in public spaces provides orientation and information and is well received by locals and visitors alike. In front of town halls, where new information is constantly being posted, display boards with pull-out caption panels can be especially useful. Lighting provides increased attention and makes the information easy to read even at night.

Litter garbage cans and ashtrays are more than a nuisance in urban spaces. They ensure that inner-city areas remain clean and that paper cups, bottles and beverage cans do not end up on the ground or in the bushes. The litter garbage cans are available as a single element or as a combination of litter garbage can and ashtray. The models are mostly space-saving and can be either set in concrete or mounted on a wall. It is important that they are always placed where people spend time, for example, near seating areas such as benches and walls. Because if it’s only a few steps to the container, this increases the
Acceptance essential. The disposal containers themselves must be particularly robust and vandal-proof for use in public urban spaces and must be easy to empty.

Examples of implemented projects

A successful design can be measured by its acceptance among the population. Just as you should put paths under people’s feet, you should also pay attention to what their very own expectations and requirements are for an urban space, for public places.

Redesign of the town center

Flacht-Weissach in the district of Böblingen

As part of the renovation of the busy district road that runs through the center of Flacht, three squares were completely redesigned here. The urban open spaces have gained enormously in quality of stay and are enthusiastically accepted by the population. Street furniture such as ergonomically curved benches, planters, stairs and earth retaining walls characterize the new face of the historic town center. The stock of old trees was preserved and historic fountains were incorporated into the design.

Redesign of the station forecourt

Bad Krozingen

The town of Krozingen in the Rhine Valley demonstrated its courage to use color when it set about redesigning its station forecourt. Until then, it had eked out a rather dreary existence and offered little quality of stay for locals and commuters. In the meantime, it has been transformed into a real oasis of well-being with colorful seating islands and colorful tree tubs. The tree tubs are planted with ornamental and useful plants and small and large trees in a varied and color-coordinated manner and thus also provide shade. So that the city gardeners do not have to water so much in hot summers, the planters were equipped with water storage mats. These also act as insulation against heat and frost.

Redesign village fountain square


The center of Herrenberg-Oberjesingen has gained considerably in quality of stay. In the course of the renovation and redesign of the village thoroughfare, the village fountain square was also redesigned. The square was redesigned with several elongated benches, a large plant trough, also with a bench, and a great water object, the multiple fountain AQUA CUBUS. Shade is provided by existing trees and new plantings.

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