Natural fiber composite


ecological and resistant

RESYSTA® is an ecologically based natural fiber composite in wood look and consists mainly of rice husks. By means of a special process, these are homogeneously bonded in a polymer matrix and thus achieve a high material resistance as well as the wood-like look and feel. It results in many favorable properties, so the material is excellent as a seat cover for benches. Special features of RESYSTA are:

  • Feels warm and natural
  • hardly distinguishable from tropical woods
  • permanently UV-resistant (does not fade)
  • great design freedom thanks to versatile processing options and a wide range of colors
Bench with RESYSTA seat cushion
Round bench with RESYSTA® seat slats

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Cleaning and care instructions for RESYSTA surfaces

Production and properties


RESYSTA® is a fiber-reinforced hybrid material made from approximately 60% rice husks, a waste product of the food industry, approximately 22% rock salts and approximately 18% mineral oil.

Components of RESYSTA®
approx. 60% rice husks + approx. 22% rock salt + approx. 18% mineral oil = RESYSTA®.

This composition makes it environmentally compatible on the one hand, and extremely resistant to external influences on the other. The following properties characterize the natural fiber compound:

  • Durably waterproof and weatherproof (does not swell)
  • Resistant to salt and chlorinated water
  • Permanently UV-resistant (does not fade)
  • Non-slip
  • Does not splinter or crack (no more splinters)
  • Resistant to fungal and mold attack
  • Resistant to termites and other pests
  • Products partially fulfill very high fire protection classes (IMO certification)
  • Sustainable and recyclable


can be dyed

Another advantage over natural materials is that, since RESYSTA® is produced as a blend, it can also be dyed in various shades. It thus meets all the requirements of a modern, versatile material. And in the design of garden objects and street furniture open up completely new possibilities that could not be realized in any other way.

Curved bench with Resysta slats in different colors
Colored RESYSTA® slats as a design element

Who stands behind


RESYSTA® has only been available for use in street furniture for a few years and is still an insider’s tip. The material was further developed by a medium-sized company near Munich for the German market and is marketed exclusively.
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Comparison RESYSTA®

with 100% hardwood

RESYSTA® surpasses its natural model 100% hardwood of tropical origin in almost every respect: it is weather-resistant, does not turn gray, is resistant to fungal and insect attack, does not splinter, swell or crack. RESYSTA® is visually and haptically almost indistinguishable from 100% hardwood. And the processing and assembly of RESYSTA® products is done with the same tools as the processing of wood. Products made of RESYSTA® thus have a long service life without the maintenance and preservation effort that would otherwise be required. In addition, they are characterized by a particularly favorable eco-balance, as the material is 100% recyclable.

RESYSTA® and hardwood in visual comparison after 24 months
RESYSTA® and hardwood after 24 months in visual comparison. Source: Exhibition Gartenmetall®

Restrictions of RESYSTA®

as bench cover

In addition to all the advantages that the natural fiber compound in wood look has, there are also limitations in its use:

  • The manufacturing process is complex and expensive – RESYSTA® is not a cheap product.
  • Self-supporting constructions are often required for bench seats. RESYSTA® is not suitable for this purpose. For benches, as a rule, a stable substructure is also required.
  • RESYSTA® is extruded, i.e. pressed out of a die or die as a solid to viscous mass under pressure. This significantly limits the choice of cross sections. However, it is malleable when heat is added, so that special projects can also be realized at extra cost.

Tender text for the GaLaBau,
for landscape architects and planners

“Original RESYSTA®, color natural, surface sanded lengthwise in wood look.”

Everything important at a glance.


Information material

User information SEAT SUPPLIES

Cleaning and maintenance instructions for RESYSTA surfaces

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