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Stainless steel color coated in matte fine structure

Color for your garden

Color, along with playing with shapes and materials, is a great design tool to bring life to the garden. But you can set accents in the garden not only with skillfully designed beds, which provide a lush play of colors in every season. Our high-quality metal objects made of color-coated stainless steel, such as fountains, planters or privacy screens, are also a great stylistic element for an individual garden.

Color palettes according to DB and RAL color scale

Most garden objects and street furniture from our large assortment we manufacture for you in your desired color tone. You can choose from the whole DB color palette (restriction: without micaceous iron ore) and RAL colors (without colors with the addition “pearl”).

Theoretically, any color coating can be produced in either gloss, textured or fine-textured appearance. In practice, however, textured coatings in fine texture matt have proved to be the most suitable for exterior use. This surface structure has the advantage that it refracts sunlight and does not reflect the objects. In addition, all large-scale garden objects are never technically perfect in the area. Unlike the gloss coating, the textured coating “swallows up” minor imperfections.

Spring fountain AQUA CUBUS, stainless steel color coated
Color for the garden with spring fountain AQUA CUBUS

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Stainless steel color coated

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Tender for basic material

Base material for color coating

For several years now, we have been manufacturing all our color-coated garden objects from high-quality V2A stainless steel as standard, rather than from “normal” steel, aluminum or hot-dip galvanized steel. Although this is not the cheapest option, it guarantees a long service life and brings many advantages that, in our view, justify the higher price several times.

Which base material is suitable?

  • Garden objects made of ordinary structural steel as the basic material can be expected to have a limited service life of less than 10 years without maintenance and care. In addition, the crevice corrosion that occurs is always a challenge in sheet metal structures with overlapping and butted sheets: With steel sheets as the base material, the gaps have to be closed, e.g. by seal welding, at great expense and with unavoidable thermal distortion. Color-coated stainless steel sheets circumvent this fundamental problem.
  • Aluminum as a base material is cheaper than stainless steel, but also much softer. In the case of large-area elements, aluminum is also very susceptible to bulging.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel is of limited suitability for large-area elements, as the heat treatment during galvanizing often causes it to warp and form unacceptable bulges. In addition, the color coating does not adhere well to the adhesive primer coating. In the worst case, it detaches from the hot-dip galvanized surface after a few years.

Other advantages of stainless steel as a base material

  • In case of scratches in the color coating, stainless steel objects do not corrode thanks to the high-quality base material. This makes the color-coated garden objects very durable and weather-resistant.
  • When combining stainless steel elements such as water trays, screws and fittings with “less noble” base material, such as steel, contact corrosion usually occurs. This does not occur with the same base material.

Powder coating or painting?

In the past, we used to hot-dip galvanize simple steel – as described in the textbook – and then powder-coat it. This is called a duplex system. To this day, this is required in many tenders. However, we have made the experience that this method is unsuitable for garden objects with a large surface area: On the one hand, hot-dip galvanizing always results in a slight warping of large-surface objects, which is usually rejected by the building owners. On the other hand, scratches on powder-coated objects, for example, can hardly be repaired on the construction site.
We have had better experiences with painted surfaces: Damaged areas such as scratches or signs of use that occur during assembly or through use can be quickly and easily repaired with the repair paint supplied.

Mobile tree bucket BERN, stainless steel color coated
Tree bucket BERN in color for urban design

Layer thickness of paint coatings

If stainless steel is used as the base material, the coating thickness is relatively unimportant in terms of corrosion resistance and durability, since the base material is already “rust-free”. An adhesive primer is usually applied to the stainless steel and then the top coat with color pigments. Standard coating thicknesses are 70-80 µm. If higher layer thicknesses are required, we will be pleased to offer this as a special design.

Tender text for GaLaBau, for landscape architects and planners

” Base material Stainless steel, material no. 1.4301, AISI 304 (V2A) or equivalent. Material properties according to DIN EN 10088-2. Visible surfaces according to RAL/ DB ……, color …… Fine structure painted following DIN EN ISO 12944. Coating material is UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.”

Installation and maintenance of color-coated objects

Especially in the transition area between the garden object and the ground, damage to the paint often occurs during installation, e.g. when the objects are dragged across the ground or placed on a hard surface without a protective intermediate layer. Therefore, handle the objects with care during installation and place non-metallic materials such as plastic or rubber mats underneath as a protective layer.

If everything stands securely, then you should regularly (at least annually) inspect the surfaces for damaged areas and promptly repair them with the supplied repair paint. This will help prevent scratches and blemishes from becoming a nucleus for the adjacent surface and ensure that you can enjoy the splashes of color in your garden for a long time.

Spring fountain AQUA CUBUS round with rim, color coated
Splash of color as a design element in the garden: AQUA CUBUS with edge

Everything important at a glance.

Stainless steel color coated

Information material

User information METAL

Tender for basic material

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