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certified pine wood

KEBONY® is a certified pine (Pinus sylvestris) wood that achieves similar properties to tropical hardwoods through an environmentally friendly and patented treatment with furfuryl alcohol. The wood is first impregnated with the bioalcohol and then dried under heat. During this process, the original softwood hardens and the cell walls become 50% thicker.

The material is ideal as a sturdy and durable overlay for benches, storage boxes and garden furniture.

KEBONY - natural wood for seat cushions
Bench GARDA made of corten steel, support made of KEBONY®.

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What distinguishes KEBONY®?

Chemical and thermal treatment ensures that the wood reaches a hardness level on par with the best tropical woods. The impregnation also makes the natural material very dimensionally stable and resistant to rotting, fungal decay and other wood-decomposing microorganisms, and it hardly splinters. According to the manufacturers, the service life of KEBONY® in outdoor applications is over 30 years. (Source:

KEBONY® seatauflages have a dark brown color and develop a silver-gray patina with increasing weathering. We use only the particularly high-quality KEBONY® CLEAR quality for the seat liners, without any inclusions.

KEBONY® wood is very easy to maintain and needs – apart from normal cleaning with a broom or brush and water – no further treatment.

Cleaning brushFor the removal of dirt, sand and other particles, we recommend thorough sweeping with a hand broom or cleaning with a brush and water. More stubborn stains can be removed with a brush, water and standard household cleaning agents.

Ecological properties

KEBONY® is made from certified woods that are pressure-treated with sustainably sourced bio-alcohol: This is produced during sugar and corn production. So the wood is environmentally friendly in production and does not contain toxins or harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is not subject to the European Pesticide Regulation and can be disposed of like any other untreated wood.

Dimensions of KEBONY® supports

The wood must not be planed, because this would expose untreated heartwood. Therefore, the choice of cross sections is limited. We offer the following standard dimensions:

Standard dimensions

22 mm x 120 mm
22 mm x 142 mm
38 mm x 140 mm