Licensed products

Licensed products -

exclusively for fans and friends of VfB Stuttgart

Our exclusive VfB Stuttgart metal objects for terrace and garden are the dream for all true VfB Stuttgart fans and almost a must-have. Whether it’s a VfB “Fan Fire” fire basket, VfB stele or VfB planter – with our licensed VfB collection you can surprise friends and family and make a real statement for your club.

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"Fan Fire" -

Fire basket VfB Stuttgart

Barbecue together with your friends and celebrate VfB Stuttgart! With the fire basket with VfB Stuttgart logo and the motto “Furchtlos und Treu” you have an extraordinary eye-catcher.
Dimensions: 740 mm x 345 mm x 345 mm, inside with bottom. Material: high quality and robust corten steel in stainless steel look. Material thickness: 2 mm. Made by Gartenmetall®.
To protect against rust deposits and ash, we recommend using a stainless steel trivet. You can find more ideas from the category FIRE OBJECTS here.

Planter in VfB


The powder-coated planter with red translucent acrylic insert can be planted with flowers or grasses. However, it is just as attractive solo when the light falls on it appropriately. Surprise your friends or loyal VfB fans with this unique item!
Dimensions: 740 mm x 345 mm x 345 mm. Interior with water-permeable bottom. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Since the planter has a water-permeable bottom, we recommend placing a stainless steel trivet underneath to protect it from settling on the patio or floor.

Classic planters we show you at the product planters, larger planters you can find at TERRESTA planters.

Accessories for VfB

Stuttgart fire basket and VfB planters

To ensure that nothing goes wrong when firing, we recommend placing a stainless steel trivet underneath. This protects the decking from soiling by ashes and also prevents the fire basket from rusting on sensitive surfaces. Water spots can also be avoided with the planter, as the planter is water-permeable at the bottom. If you also want to grill on your fire basket VESUV, you should order a stainless steel grill grate. It has small adjustable feet and can be easily placed on the fire basket.

Motif stele

VfB Stuttgart

You can make a statement for your club that is visible from afar with our large metal CORA motif stele. It is either plugged directly into the ground and can then also be easily repositioned if required. In case of greater stress, e.g. in windy places or if there is a risk of children wobbling on it, then we recommend that the stele is firmly concreted into the ground.
Material: corten steel, thickness: 2 mm. Dimensions: 1.400 mm x 300 mm x 15 mm. You can find more ideas from the series CORA Motif Steles here.

Gift Tip/Edition

"For your club"

We also manufacture other licensed products such as motif walls VISTA or trash can boxes with club logo. You are also looking for a personalized gift for your best friends? Send us the names, a special saying and / or a laser-cut logo or image, then we manufacture, for example, your fire basket or planter exactly according to your wishes. To cut out the contours, we need a dxf file, which we can create for you from sketches or images at an additional cost.


of the Vfb Stuttgart license products

It couldn’t be easier: Order here and now! You will then receive an order confirmation and prepayment invoice. Delivery time from stock after receipt of payment 2-3 days.

Alternatively, you can pick up the goods yourself at our production plant in 72622 Nürtingen. Please register briefly in advance so that we can prepare the goods for you.

Use the order form attached here, which makes ordering very easy, or send us a classic e-mail: vfb@gartenmetall.de

Licensing and legal


These garden objects with VfB Stuttgart logo are protected license products, which are released by the VfB Stuttgart Marketing GmbH. Gartenmetall® has the exclusive and exclusive license right for the production and distribution of all metal objects with VfB Stuttgart logo in Germany.

Sales partner

for VfB Stuttgart objects will be

If you would like to become a sales partner for the exclusive VfB Stuttgart objects from Gartenmetall®, we look forward to contacting you: vfb@gartenmetall.de

Application and installation instructions

for fire objects

To ensure that you can enjoy a relaxed barbecue evening and that the whole thing does not turn into a debacle, it is essential that you observe the following safety instructions when dealing with fire. For example:

  • Ensure sufficient distance from buildings.
  • Always place the fireplace on level and fireproof ground.
  • Use only dry firewood.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Extinguish the fire immediately in case of strong sparks and wind.

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