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Outdoor kitchens for terrace and garden -

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Granted: An extra outdoor kitchen in the garden is a luxury. However, one that is worth it! Especially if you like to spend cozy summer evenings with your family and friends outdoors and spoil them with culinary delights. And: The garden kitchen has the advantage that the chef is also in the middle of the action and, if necessary, certainly one of the guests will lend a hand.

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Metal garden kitchens

Where is the best place

for the kitchen in the garden?

The outdoor kitchen with grill is best placed where life happens, that is, on the terrace or directly on a cozy seat in the garden. If you want to be reasonably independent of the weather, you can choose a place under the awning or cover the kitchen, for example, with a pergola. Both keep you cool and keep leaves and other debris out while cooking. But also make sure that the way to the house is not too far, in case one still needs one or the other. If you want a kitchen with a faucet and refrigerator, you need to make sure that connections for electricity, water and, if necessary. Waste water are in the vicinity. This should definitely be taken into account already when planning the outdoor kitchen.

What equipment

should have a garden kitchen?

Clearly, the centerpiece when planning an outdoor kitchen is the grill! A stainless steel gas grill really heats up with its adjustable burners, conjures up the best grilling results and is easy to clean later. The gas cylinders are usually stored in the base cabinet under the grill. In addition to the grill, the outdoor kitchen should have enough storage space to keep kitchen utensils and food clean and dry. The cabinet modules can be equipped either with hinged doors or with high-quality push-to-open drawers. It is also advantageous to have a sink with (hot) water connection, so that apart from your hands, you can also quickly wash a salad. If you like to party, you should not do without a refrigerator for food and drinks. The special refrigeration units are built for the special outdoor conditions and can operate at a temperature range around the freezing point up to over 35°C. So everything stays cool in summer and nothing freezes in winter. Then, if there is still space, you can supplement the outdoor kitchen with pull-out trash cans, additional interior drawers, as well as storage space for logs, for example.

What material

is suitable for a garden kitchen?

The garden kitchen is outdoors all year round. That is, it must be resistant to moisture, heat and frost, and its surface should be easy to clean. Therefore, the best choice is a body made of high-quality metal such as stainless steel, color-coated stainless steel or the rust-red Corten steel, which fits particularly well into the garden with its warm patina. Metal surfaces particularly well withstand the weather and give many decades of pleasure in the garden. Outdoor kitchens made of wood, on the other hand, are not nearly as weather-resistant and therefore not as durable as their metal relatives.

To care for the metal surfaces, it is sufficient to clean stainless steel with warm water, a soft cloth and, if necessary, a gentle cleaner, e.g. a special stainless steel care product. For heavier soiling, a stainless steel lotion may be necessary to remove more stubborn dirt without scratching the surface. Corten steel surfaces usually do not require cleaning, as their surface is constantly renewing itself. However, if more severe soiling occurs, e.g. due to splashes or bird droppings, the affected areas can be sanded down over a large area with a scotch pad and re-surfaced. In addition, you can seal the surface with a protective layer in advance, so that it is easy to clean. ROST-PROTECT® is suitable for this purpose. The colorless natural oil acts like a clear varnish and deepens the color intensity of the metallic surface. It also binds the free rust particles, protecting the environment from unwanted rust stains. But be careful: The sealing is final and can no longer be removed!

Easy care worktops

What is true for the interior is even more important for the exterior: the kitchen countertop should be easy to clean and robust. Therefore, we recommend using high-quality and stainless steel for the countertops. Alternatively, polished natural stone such as granite or corten steel embedded with ROST-PROTECT® is also suitable. All materials can be wiped clean, ensuring a hygienic work surface.

Design ideas

for your outdoor kitchen

There are ready-assembled garden kitchens, which you have placed in the garden in a few simple steps. This is done quickly, but rarely does the kitchen fit perfectly into the garden situation, and also does not have all the elements that you want. Those who already have money in hand, usually fare better with an individually planned garden kitchen. Here, in fact, the client himself determines the dimensions of the outdoor kitchen, the arrangement of modules and door technology. In addition, he can then decide for himself which elements the kitchen should contain – just like a normal kitchen for indoors.
If you have little space, then it may be enough to choose a two-piece module with grill and base cabinets. If your garden is more spacious, then you can expand your outdoor kitchen as you wish: with a refrigerator, sink, trash can, wood storage or corner module. The lighting in the skirting board then sets everything still properly in scene. So there are almost no limits to your imagination and in the end you will have your dream kitchen!

Everything important at a glance.


Metal garden kitchens