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Garden design ideas

Who doesn’t dream of a secluded spot in the countryside, protected from prying eyes, shielded from the noise of the street and, best of all, designed according to their own ideas? There is not much in the way of a personal dream garden, because ideas for modern garden design are many. Even in the smallest spaces, such as in the front garden, you can gain a lot of quality of stay with good designs and suitable products. Our tips and examples are meant to inspire you on how you can actually create a homey oasis in your backyard, small front yard, patio or even roof deck with just a few elements.

Everything important at a glance.


Water for the garden

Fire elements for whimsical summer evenings

Better to start with small things,

than do nothing at all

Now is the best time for change! If you’re not ready to go big, why not transform your garden by doing little things? You can find suggestions in the category of privacy screens, fire, garden objects, water objects and objects for the earth area. Dare to tackle what bothers you most in your private garden or patio – or better yet, what would bring you the most joy!

Protected from prying eyes -

Ideas for privacy screens on the terrace

The topic of privacy screens is usually at the top of the priority list in a garden design. No wonder, especially in small gardens or when terrace to terrace, neighbors often come very close. Privacy screens are the first choice here. They can be installed with little effort and in the smallest of spaces, and they screen out views and noise in equal measure.

With double-sided privacy screens on the terrace even the neighbor is happy! If you want storage space in addition to screening, you can create a protected place to relax with firewood racks. Shelves, usually made of metal, can be used to store dry wood for the garden barbecue or tiled stove. When it gets cold, the firewood is right at hand.

Fire elements for whimsical summer evenings

Barbecue is definitely part of a cozy summer evening: flickering flames, the smell of grilled food, the cozy warmth – all together create a unique atmosphere on the terrace or in the garden.

Those who like it more rustic, reach for fireplaces that are heated with wood, which smoke and sometimes spray sparks. For whom the barbecue idea is in the foreground, is rather the type for a gas barbecue.

Because here there are no sparks, no ash and no smoke, but cooked evenly and to the point.

Fresh ideas for a
attractive garden

Often it is the little things that make a place particularly beautiful or that provide practical benefits. Let our tips and suggestions inspire you!

Accessories for the garden

Often the builder can set accents in the garden with just a few elements: Garden figures, such as the outline of your own dog, can be individually manufactured. Small motif steles with whimsical sayings or pretty motifs are also suitable as eye-catchers. Herb spirals offer space for flowers and herbs in the smallest of storage areas and even enrich the menu. And those who need storage space for seat cushions, small garden tools or other outdoor utensils might be happy with a spacious storage box.

Take a seat -

Garden furniture for the highest demands

Garden chairs, tables and benches are available today for little money in discount stores or home improvement stores. Those who like it a little more individual and who pay particular attention to durability should look at garden tables, benches and garden loungers made of metal.

Metal as a basic material is particularly robust and fits harmoniously into any garden situation. The durable RESYSTA®, a natural fiber composite that is in no way inferior to wood in terms of its material properties, is particularly suitable for seat covers.

Garden kitchen -

as a social meeting place

A metal garden kitchen is the crowning glory for many garden lovers and hobby cooks – whether the garden is to be completely redesigned or only supplemented.

With garden kitchens you can actually bring a bit of joie de vivre into the garden and your next garden party is guaranteed to be a hit!

The garden kitchens are mostly modular and can be tailored and equipped to fit your garden situation.

Light for the garden

The right lighting not only ensures greater safety on garden paths, on the terrace and around the house, but with it you can also set targeted accents in the garden and put special places in the right light.

Especially with simple and shapely outdoor lights you will enjoy for a long time – and not only at night, but also during the day!

Plenty of storage space around the house

Where to put unsightly garbage cans, bicycles, baby baby carriages or bulky garden tools? This is the question facing many homeowners. Especially if the garden or front yard is redesigned, you should think about it in time.

Spacious garbage can boxes offer a solution. In the large boxes, often equipped with sliding doors, bicycles or baby baby carriages can be stored weatherproof in addition to trash cans. In addition, high-quality boxes visually enhance the front garden or entrance area.


for the garden

Who does not love it, the cool and refreshing water? Especially on hot summer days, water in the garden or front yard is a real magnet and should not be missing in any garden. It almost does not matter whether the water splashes quietly, bubbles or pours in cascades over several levels.For almost all requirements in garden design, there are ideas and solutions with water: complex well systems, compact spring wells in various designs, round ball fountains, fountains with Water bowls, water walls that also serve as privacy screens and, of course, very different elements for the Water inlet. When will you get your favorite fountain in the garden?

A firm support in the garden

Have you considered redesigning your garden or front yard? Then it may be necessary for you to deal with the modeling and structuring of the terrain and think about a successful routing.

Re-grading garden and front garden

If height differences of up to one meter in the terrain have to be absorbed, earth retaining walls made of metal are particularly suitable when redesigning the garden. These require only a small installation area, can be easily screwed and anchored on site and give the garden a modern character.

If, on the other hand, aging walls are to be beautified, the easiest way to do this is with wall facing. The metal elements are screwed onto the unsightly retaining walls, e.g. made of concrete L-stones, thus concealing the existing wall. After completion, the impression of a solid metal wall is created – and the garden has a whole new look.

Up and down in the garden

Is your property located on a slope or does a height difference have to be overcome to reach the house entrance? Then be sure to include a staircase in the redesign of the garden! Whether as individual steps or as a complete staircase – what looks like an annoying evil can enhance the garden in the long term and, of course, ensures sure-footedness on garden paths.

Clear routing

With metal path border strips you can restructure your garden, border lawns and paths and border planting beds. Farm gardens are also very easy to create with individually shaped metal bands.

If your choice falls on metal bands of corten steel, then you even have an additional benefit: Because of the copper content, which oxidizes the slime of snails, snails give the rust-red metal a wide berth.

Plant troughs and raised beds

Tired of bending over all the time while gardening? Then you are the type for plant troughs and raised beds. You can place the sturdy containers directly on the terrace or roof garden and grow flowers, herbs and vegetables within reach. Even in small front gardens can always find a place for the compact vessels. With built-in water storage mats, watering intervals can be extended – a big plus in hot and dry summers! And: The plant troughs can also be used to support different heights in a fall-proof manner and thus replace railings on terraces, for example.

Creative garden design

Great garden design with round and tiered mounted planters TERRESTA, a round planting ring RONDA, a round spring fountain AQUA CUBUS and as an eye-catcher in the wall with the decorative fire NEMEA with bioethanol operation.
Source: Björn Brand Gartengestaltung, 89079 Ulm/Jürgen Barz, 89075 Ulm, Germany

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