Welcome to our Gartenmetall® magazine. Here you will learn everything about garden design and design, get ideas for the new and redesign of gardens with special requirements and get tips about metal in the garden. Let us inspire you!


Garden experiences with 3D visualization

With the GRÜNSTUDIO 3D software, landscape architects, urban planners, landscape gardeners and clients can move together through virtual, walk-in garden worlds. Animated water objects and burning fireplaces provide realistic garden experiences – making garden ideas not only visible, but also tangible. Many of our garden objects are listed in the extensive material library. Realistic visualization has never been so easy!


Design in public space

In public spaces, built-up areas and transportation and open spaces often compete with each other. But people need retreat areas, especially in urban areas, in order to regenerate. These can be squares that offer a high quality of stay, as well as parks, cemeteries or other public green and open spaces. We are happy to provide suggestions and tips for sustainable design of urban spaces and open spaces.


Creative garden design

Who doesn’t dream of a secluded spot in the countryside, protected from prying eyes, shielded from the noise of the street and, best of all, designed according to their own ideas? There is not much in the way of a personal dream garden, because ideas for modern garden design are many. Our examples are meant to inspire you how you can actually create a homey oasis in your garden, front yard, patio or roof deck with just a few elements.


Outdoor lighting for the garden

Not only in the house, but also in the outdoor area, you can achieve an attractive atmosphere in the garden and on the terrace with the appropriate lighting. Dark, unlit corners, on the other hand, should not stand a chance in the modern home garden! Proper property lighting provides sure-footedness in front yards, on garden paths, garden steps and on the patio.

For gourmets

Outdoor kitchens for terrace and garden

Admittedly: An outdoor kitchen in the garden is a luxury. However, one that is worthwhile. Especially if you like to spend cozy summer evenings with family and friends outdoors and spoil them with culinary delights. And: The garden kitchen has the advantage that the chef is also in the middle of the action and, if necessary, one of the guests also lends a hand.


Gartenmetall® experience -

High quality metal garden objects and street furniture

Learn more about GARTENMETALL®, the market leader for metal in the garden with its own development and production. Get to know our company philosophy, our manufacturing and our products and experience our metal objects up close in the garden.