WATER INLET - Made From Stainless Steel

Water Inlets

Fountain and Water Inlets Made from Stainless Steel

Individual fountain inlets made from stainless steel turn a simple water trough into an invigorating water play. The options are versatile. Feel inspired from our models or develop your own creative ideas. The Gartenmetall®-team will be happy to help you with the technical realization. All our elements are made by Gartenmetall®. That is why it is possible to make adaptions and custom products according to your sketches. Before the start of production a release drawing with all sizes and details is created and discussed with you in detail.

Water inlets – tubular and linear: overview and technical details

ROFAN fountain inlet: tubular, bended or self-standing

RAURIS fountain inlet: tubular, bended at the rim

ELLMAU fountain inlet: tubular, straight for wall-mounting

GOISERN fountain inlet: tubular, bended for wall-mounting

ISAR water inlet: linear waterfall with straight outlet

GERLOS water inlet: linear waterfall with bended outlet

ASCONA flush inlet: linear, bended waterfall, to be installed at the rim

IlluminationFor atmospheric effects we recommend the installation of a LED-illumination rail in the spouting water inlet. All inlets are pre-assembled for this purpose.

Atmospheric effects through LED-illumination rail

How to install the LED-rail:
Variant A: in the spouting water inlet, Variant B: below the spouting water inlet, Variant C: in the water trough

Checklist for Offer or Order

In order to help you find the right water inlet for you, we developed special checklists. They are at the bottom of this page. There you will find all the details you need.