WATER INLET - made of stainless steel

and water inlets

Fountain and water inlets made from stainless steel

Individual stainless steel fountain inlets turn a simple water trough into an invigorating water feature. The possibilities are many and varied. Be inspired by our models or develop your own creative ideas. – the Gartenmetall® team will be happy to support you in the technical implementation. All our elements are made by Gartenmetall® so therefore customizations and special designs are possible according to template drawings. A release drawing with all dimensions and details will be prepared for approval prior to the start of production.

We have divided our stainless steel water inlets into two groups: into tubular and into linear water inlet columns. Depending on the intended use decide which model will be best in your garden design. The fountain inlets are particularly suitable for combination with water troughs and water walls AQUA LINEA.

Material and technical adjustment

All water chutes are made of high quality stainless steel V4A, which makes them extra durable. Due to our own production, the fountain inlets can be precisely cut to fit the type of fountain in terms of width and projection. In numerous test series we have optimized our water chutes so that a particularly even water distribution results.

Water inlet GERLOS on water wall

Water inlets tubular: overview and technology

Water inlet ROFAN
Fountain curve, tubular-bent and self-standing, at the bottom without or with tap. Integrated tap with solid round stainless steel handle.

ROFAN Fountain inlet
Wassereinlauf ROFAN, rohrförmig, gebogen, selbststehend

Water inlet RAURIS
Fountain inlet, tubular-bent
for mounting on the edge of the fountain

RAURIS Fountain inlet
Wassereinlauf RAURIS, rohrförmig gebogen, Montage am Brunnenrand

Water inlet ELLMAU
Water inlet tubular-straight for wall mounting.

ELLMAU Fountain inlet
Water inlet ELLMAU, tubular-straight

Water inlet GOISERN
Water inlet tubular-bent for wall mounting.

GOISERN Fountain inlet
Water inlet GOISERN, tubular-bent

Water inlets linear: overview and technology

Water inlet ISAR
line waterfall for wall mounting

ISAR Water inlet
Water inlet ISAR for wall mounting

Waterfall inlet GERLOS
line waterfall for wall mounting

GERLOS Water inlet
Water inlet GERLOS for wall mounting

Waterfall ASCONA
linear waterfall for mounting on the edge of the fountain

ASCONA Waterfall inlet
Water inlet ASCONA for mounting on the edge of the fountain

Lighting via LED rails for atmospheric effects

For atmospheric effects, we recommend to install an LED light rail in the water chute. This is quickly and easily attached via magnetic clips. All water chutes are already prepared for this process.

The LED rail can be mounted:

  • Variant A: in the water chute
  • Variant B: below the water chute
  • Variant C: in water trough
Water inlet with atmospheric effects by LED light rail

LED light rail, mounted on water outlet

Water inlet lighting technique details

VIDEO – Overview Fountain Systems

Overview water fountain systems
By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more attractive. As one of the market leaders of metal garden objects and fountains, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of outdoor and indoor water objects from private gardens to hotel lobbies or large entrance areas.

Checklist for quote or order

To make your order easier, you will find checklists for the individual fountain and water inlets at the end of each product which you can use to specify all the details. This makes the order easier.

Information Material

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