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Aqua top

Water Walls

The water wall AQUA TOP can be used universally indoors and outdoors: as a design object, for privacy protection or as a water element to improve your indoor climate. The massive hot-dip galvanized water storage tank is evened with the ground. This delivery is self-contained including everything you need to get it installed and working immediately: water storage tank, water wall, adjustment options, high-grade pump and grate.

Water wall AQUA TOP with hot-dip galvanized water storage tank

Technical Details

By default the water wall AQUA TOP is 1.800 mm (≈ 70.87 in) high, so that the water can flow down on one or on both sides. The water wall is exactly as deep as the VISTA decorative screen wall, so they can be well combined. The water storage tank is meant to be evened to the ground.

Motifs on the Water Wall

Individual motifs can be attached to the water wall. That way every wall becomes a one of a kind.

Water wall with attached company logo


Optionally: underwater LED-illumination for easy installation in water trough.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available