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Water wall AQUA TOP as an eye-catching design element

Water walls create a very special atmosphere, relaxing for many people. Such an object in your own garden, in a prominent place on the plot, attracts attention. If there is enough space, a water wall is also a decorative object for indoor spaces, and here it even fulfills a dual function: in addition to the high aesthetic value, the water walls improve the indoor climate and create a pleasant feeling for residents and visitors. We offer our water wall in various designs and made of different, high-quality materials. The technical equipment is as brilliant as it is simple and promises lasting, smooth functionality. What additional eye-catchers are still offered in connection with the water wall, you will learn below.

Wasserwand AQUA TOP einseitg aus Cortenstahl

Water wall AQUA TOP one-sided
with hot galvanized water collecting tank

How is the water wall constructed and how does it work?

Structure and technology of the water wall AQUA TOP

The water wall is made either of the typical rust-red Corten steel, which is becoming more and more popular in architecture and modern art, or of color-coated or rotex-ground stainless steel. Depending on the material and color, this creates a very individual effect.
The wall is mounted either sideways or centered above a water collection tank and the water is pumped up the wall. It exits at the upper end and flows back into the collection basin either on one side or both sides.
The standard height of our water walls is 1,800 mm and is compatible with VISTA privacy screens. The hot-dip galvanized water collection tank contains the entire technology, including pump and Schuko plug. The tank is either installed flush with the top of the ground or visually covered if installed at ground level. For the protection of small children and also as a visual element, the tank is covered with a hot-dip galvanized grate, which can be covered with stones in a visually appealing way.

Technical Details

The AQUA TOP water walls are available in the standard height of 1,800 mm and in the widths of 600 mm and 1,000 mm. However, special designs in height and width are possible, so that the water feature can be designed to fit your needs perfectly. Both standard sizes are available with single- or double-sided water outlets and in a variety of finishes including Corten steel, stainless steel and color-coated stainless steel.

Wasserwand AQUA TOP einseitig, Breite 600 mm

Water wall one-sided,
Width 600 mm

Wasserwand AQUA TOP doppelseitig, Breite 600 mm

Water wall double-sided,
Width 600 mm

Wasserwand AQUA TOP einseitig, Breite 1000 mm

Water wall one-sided,
Width 1.000 mm

Wasserwand AQUA TOP doppelseitig, Breite 1000 mm

Water wall double-sided,
Width 1.000 mm

Optical covering for hot dip galvanized water collection tank

If the water collection tank is to be placed at ground level and not buried, we recommend visually covering the hot-dip galvanized tank. Our coverings are available in corten steel, stainless steel and color-coated stainless steel.

Covering for water collection tank AQUA TOP, corten steel

Possible applications for water walls and water wall with company logo

A water wall itself is already a great eye-catcher and improves any house, nature or rock garden. In addition to visually beautify the property, their size also makes a perfect privacy screen.
Often it is much nicer to replace a fence or bulky wall on your property. A water wall made of Corten steel in a stainless steel look or as a polished stainless steel variant can be a good solution here.
The water wall can be used not only privately but also in the commercial sector in a prominent place. For example, it can be used as a decorative element in a passageway or a large entrance area in the interior. In this case, a message can even be provided by applying an individual noble jet embossing on the wall surface. This can be a logo or text. This is ideal for a slogan or logo of your company.

Schriftzug aufgesetzt auf Edelstahl-Wasserwaand AQUA TOP

Water wall with applied company logo
Source: Metzgerimbiss Bunk, Ulm

Water wall put in scene - the right lighting

If you want the water wall to shine in a special light even in the dark, we offer you a set of three LED spotlights, which are placed between the stones on the grate. These shine on the water wall and make the flowing water glow.

Underwater LED light

VIDEO – Overview Fountain Systems

Overview water fountain systems
By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more attractive. As one of the market leaders of metal garden objects and fountains, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of outdoor and indoor water objects from private gardens to hotel lobbies or large entrance areas.

VIDEO - assembly water wall

Assembly of the water wall AQUA TOP
Simply explained and quickly assembled: Water wall AQUA TOP with hot-dip galvanized water tank for outdoor use. Here you will learn how to choose the best installation site for the water wall, what size should be the hole for the water collection tank and how to make a stable and level foundation. After the work is done, the fountain element has to be inserted, aligned, mounted and last but not least the water collection tank has to be filled with fresh water. And here we go!

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

Information Material

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