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Aqua rain

Water Curtain

The water curtain AQUA RAIN can be used universally indoors and outdoors: as a design object, as decorative screen wall or as a water element to improve your air space. The special water outlet nozzles can be arranged in a single row or in multiple rows. The water storage tank can stand directly on the ground or in can be evened with the ground. If it is evened with the ground the tank should be paneled.

Unser Wasservorhang AQUA RAIN auf der Landesgartenschau 2018

Our water curtain AQUA RAIN was a real eyecatcher at the Baden-Württemberg Garden Exhibition 2018 in Lahr.
Image rights: GaLaBau-Verband – organization for garden design, landscape management, urban planning and the construction of sports grounds

Technical Details

The system AQUA RAIN consists of the following elements:

  • Water curtain
  • Hot-dip galvanized water storage tank with removable grate
  • Corresponding water pump
  • Optionally: paneling of the water storage tank when evened with the ground
  • Optionally: underwater LED-illumination for easy installation
Das System AQUA RAIN


Verkleidung für Wassersammelgefäß bei ebenerdiger Aufstellung

Paneling for water storage tank, evened with the ground

Water storage tank with grate for the water curtain AQUA RAIN

Dreiteilige LED-Unterwasserleuchte, Lichtfarbe warmweiß

Three-part LED-underwater-illumination, luminous color warmwhite

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available