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Aqua linea

Well thought out Channel Flow

AQUA LINEA is modular system for fountains in the context of professional and high-quality garden and landscape architecture. All fountains mainly consist of a water trough and a water water wall, that can be combined variously.

  • Flexible in height, width and length; water basins can be up to 12 m (≈ 39.37 ft) long
  • Modular system which offers practically endless combination options
  • Easy installation of all water troughs as they are delivered pre-assembled
  • High quality processing and laser beam cutting MADE IN GERMANY
  • Delivery ex stock, custom products possible as directly from the manufacturer
  • All necessary installation materials are included in the delivery
  • Corten steel water troughs with high-grade and UV-resistant coating in order to prevent logging or other damage
  • Well thought-out system, as more than 10 years of experience in the field of garden, landscape and city design
  • Elaborate 3D-CAD-construction for custom production

Examples: Fountain Systems with Spouting Water Outlet and Water Wall

Standard Fountain with Longitudinal Water Wall

Combination of Plant Trough TERRESTA
with Spouting Water Outlet

Cascade Fountain with Overflow
and Water Wall

Long Water Wall
with Short Water Trough

Halfround Water Trough with Various Water Inlets

Water Trough with Foam Nozzles
as Water Fountain

Long Water Trough with
Bended Water Inlet

Water Trough with Water Inlet Variants

All Gartenmetall® water troughs have an interior coating that is made from elastic, UV-resistant synthetic material. Its elongation at break is up to 100% and it adheres perfectly to the metallic ground. The material is heat resistant between -50°C (-58 °F) and +150° C (302 °F). It is also possible to apply the coating over the insulating board, so that the water is protected against overheating during midsummer.


Variants AQUA LINEA, rectangular and roundedBecause of its modular system nearly all sizes and variants concerning e.g. form and water inlets can be realized

Water TroughRectangular

Wassertrog rechteckig

Water TroughHalfround and round

Wassertrog halbrund und rund

Water Wall with Water InletAs supplement to our fountain systems we offer various fountain and water inlets. They are all manufactured from high quality stainless steel V4A (material number 1.4404). Custom products on request.

Wasserwände mit Wassereinlauf

Free-standing Water Inlet Posts Made from MetalWater Inlet Posts for Free-standing Intallation

Freistehende Wassereinlaufsäulen aus Metall

Position of PumpDepending on the installation requirements different positions of the water pump are possible.

NoteIn case of frost the pump has to uninstalled and all pipes have to be emptied. Therefore the pump should be cleaned, checked if the instrument is intact and stored in a frost-free environment (either immersed or filled), so that the seals do not dry out. The plug should be stored dry and clean.

IlluminationFor atmospheric effects we recommend the installation of a LED-illumination rail into the spouting water outlet. All spouting water outlets are prepared for the installation of this LED-illumination rail. The LED-rail can be installed like this:

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available