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Fountain System

Water Basins and Fountain Systems AQUA LINEA

AQUA LINEA is the classic for water basins and fountain systems in professional gardening and landscaping. All fountains essentially consist of a solidly edged water trough, which is available in rectangular, round and semi-round designs. However, we are happy to manufacture special shapes in our in-house production. The fountain bowls can be combined with a water wall. Here, the water is drained via wide stainless steel water trays or via tubular water inlets. Alternatively, a water inlet pipe can be mounted on the stable edge of the water basin, which pours into the fountain basin with a quiet bubbling sound.

  • Flexible in height, width and length; water basins up to over 12 m long possible
  • Due to the modular systems there are infinity combination possibilities
  • Easy installation: all water troughs are completely pre-assembled before leaving the factory
  • High-quality fabrication and laser cutting quality MADE IN GERMANY
  • Delivery from stock and special production possible, as directly from the manufacturer
  • Delivery includes all necessary assembly material
  • Corten steel water troughs for protection against stagnant water, with a high-quality and UV-stable coating on the inside
  • Well planned system, due to over 10 years of experience in gardening and landscaping
  • Complex 3D CAD design for customised products

Multiple Fountain System AQUA LINEA

Our AQUA LINEA fountain system leaves almost nothing to be desired. The fountain troughs can be rectangular, semi-round or round. The water inlet can be provided for example via a water wall, via tubular water inlets, as a nozzle installed in the trough or via numerous other variants such as spring bowls or spring blocks. Be inspired by our ideas.

Standard fountain with water wall on the long side

Standard fountain with water wall
on the long side

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA combination of plant trough TERRESTA with water chute

Combination of plant trough TERRESTA
with water chute

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA cascade fountain with overflow and water wall

Cascade fountain with overflow
and water wall

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA Long water wall with short water trough

Long water wall
with short water trough

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA water trough semicircular with various water inlets

Water trough semi-round with various water inlets

Water trough with bubblers as a spring fountain

Water trough with foam bubbler
as a spring fountain


Water trough with water inlet AQUA BLOCK, front side

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA Long water trough with curved inlet pipe

Long water trough with
curved inlet pipe

Fountain systems AQUA LINEA Water trough with water inlet variants AQUA BOWL and AQUA CUBUS

Water trough with water inlet variants

Special Plastic Coating against Rusting

All Gartenmetall® water troughs are coated from the inside with an elastic, UV-stable and black plastic using the hot-spray process. The special plastic is extremely elastic (elongation at break up to 100%) and sticks excellently to the metallic surface. The material is temperature resistant from -50°C to +150°. It is also possible to apply the coating over insulation boards to protect the water from overheating in summer.

Water Basins AQUA LINEA - Various Basin Shapes and Water Inlets

Thanks to our own production, we can manufacture the fountain troughs in almost any shape and dimension: e.g. rectangular, semi-round, round and of course also in special shapes. The water can splash, swell or bubble into the pool in many different ways. If you need further suggestions and ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Water trough rectangular

Overview water troughs AQUA LINEA rectangular

Water trough semi-round

Overview water troughs AQUA LINEA semi-rounded

Water trough round

Cascade fountain with water inlet

Cascade fountain with water inlet

Cascade fountain with water inlet

Cascade fountain with overflow basin

Water walls AQUA LINEA with various water bowls

To complement the fountain systems, we offer numerous fountain inlets and water inlets. They are made of the particularly high-quality stainless steel V4A (material no. 1.4404). Special designs are availabe on request.

Water walls AQUA LINEA with different water inlets

Water wall with water chute ISAR

Water wall with water chute GERLOS

Water wall with three inlet pipes ELLMAU

Free-standing metal water inlet columns

Water inlet columns for free-standing installation, with base plate for screwing on, alternatively prepared for screwing on to the water trough.

Water inlet columns and water walls

Water inlet column type LEOGANG with brass water tap or with water inlet pipe ELLMAU

Water wall KRIMML, completely functional, incl. Water chute ISAR

Water wall GASTEIN with water chute ISAR or GERLOS

Position pump

There are three different options for the position of the pump: The simplest option is to set the pump directly into the water basin (variant A). In this case, it is visible and audible. In variant B, the pump is installed invisibly, dry and external with wall bushing. However, this requires a higher-quality pump. The third variant (C) is particularly suitable if there is already a water reservoir in which the pump can be placed. With this variant, no water needs to be refilled. In contrast, this is regularly necessary for fountains with a closed water circulation system.

Overview variants position pumps

Variant A
Water pump directly in the water trough as a pond pump.

Variant B
Water pump in the water wall.

Installed externally in the dry.

Variant C
Water pump in pump sump
with floor drain.


Note on storing the pump in winter

In case of frost, the pump must be uninstalled and all hoses must be drained. To do this, clean the pump, check the unit for damage and store it submerged or filled in a frost-free place so that the seals do not dry out. The plug should be stored in a dry place.

Lighting of the AQUA LINEA Fountain Troughs

For atmospheric effects, we recommend to install an LED light rail in the water chute. All water chutes are already prepared for the installation of these light rails. The LED rail can be mounted as follows:

VIDEO - Lighting for foam bubbler

VIDEO with foam bubbler
The water feature with foam bubbler for round and rectangular fountain troughs can be staged even better with the right lighting, attracting all eyes even in the dark. Suitable for fountain systems in home gardens but also for spring fountains in public places. The height of the fountain depends on the pump which is used.

VIDEO – Overview Fountain Systems

Overview water fountain systems
By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more attractive. As one of the market leaders of metal garden objects and fountains, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of outdoor and indoor water objects from private gardens to hotel lobbies or large entrance areas.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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