AQUA GLOBE – Globe fountain

Aqua globe Globe Fountain


The fountain system AQUA GLOBE is a modular system with which individual fountains can be assembled by integrating spring balls made of Corten steel, stainless steel or even natural stone. Due to the modular design, the globes can be combined in most cases with the water bowls known from the fountain system AQUA BOWL and/or the cubes proven in the fountain system AQUA CUBUS.

Use our pre-fabricated fountain series or assemble your own high-quality spring fountains from the individual elements – precisely fitting to your garden planning.

The delivery includes all the necessary material for assembly:

  • Water storage tank
  • Globe made of corten steel or stainless steel
  • Water bowl/cube
  • Suitable high quality pump
  • LED lighting
  • Manual flow regulator


Water fountain AQUA GLOBE SAMOA – Source ball solo e.g. on moraine gravel

The elegant globe in Corten steel or stainless steel quickly attracts attention, especially when installed solo among perennials and low shrubs. In the sun, the sparkling spring water creates reflections that magically attract the eye. But even as a ball without water outlet round shape has its charms and combines well with cut bushes. The water collection basin made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP) is buried in the ground and the lid is visually covered with pebbles or other rocks.
The globe for the spring fountain is available with the following diameter: ø500 mm, ø600 mm and ø750 mm. As a single ball we also offer a small ball with ø300 mm.

Structure and technology spring fountain with ball AQUA GLOBE Samoa
Model series TONGA: Source ball solo SAMOA

Water fountain AQUA GLOBE TONGA – Source ball with water bowl without overflow

The spring fountain model TONGA is a combination of an elegant spring ball and water bowl, in which the pearling water is collected. Both are available in rust red corten steel and shiny stainless steel. A combination of materials is not advisable, as Corten steel would rust on the more elegant metal.
Through a small hole in the water bowl, the water flows into the water collection bowl below and is pumped back up from there by a pond pump. The installation is intended so that the bowl is leveled with the ground surface.
The water bowls are available with the following diameters: ø800 mm, ø1,000 mm, ø1,200 mm, ø1,400 mm and ø2,000 mm.

Structure and technology spring fountain with ball AQUA GLOBE Samoa
Model series SAMOA: Source ball solo e.g. on moraine gravel


The balls are welded together from single triangular plates. In the case of corten steel, the welding seams remain visible even after rusting. And: The balls are only optically round. Tolerance in diameter ±20 mm possible.

Accessories for water fountain AQUA GLOBE

Covering for water storage tank
If the water collection tank is not to be buried, but placed at ground level, then it is recommended to optically clad the GRP tank with a corten steel or stainless steel ring. This creates a whole new look for the fountain.

Covering GRP tank made of corten steel

Bottom part for water bowl
As accessories we offer a ring for easy alignment of the water bowl, as well as for the spring fountains AQUA BOWL. Material: plastic PE, black.

Bottom part for water bowl to adjust

Lighting at the water outlet
Standard warm white LED lighting is installed at the water outlet for extra atmosphere.

Lighting at the source outlet

Application and Care Instructions

With spring fountains made of corten steel, it is to be expected that, especially in the first few years, the water may take on a rusty brown color – until a stable barrier layer has formed on the metal surface. Fountains with corten steel water bowls that are not emptied at least once a week and are not allowed to dry completely on a regular bases will rust through like “normal” metal. Our AQUA GLOBE spring fountains are therefore all designed so that when the water supply is turned off, all the water drains into the buried water collection tank. Nevertheless, the use of a timer is recommended for continuous operation, so that the fountains can dry completely at least once a week. This also reduces the growth of algae and reduces the build-up of dirt. For more information about corten steel, please visit our FAQ page >>> FAQ

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Overview water fountain systems
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