AQUA GLOBE - Ball Fountain

Aqua globe

Ball Fountain

The fountain system AQUA GLOBE is a modular system, based on balls at the top of the fountain. The balls are made from patina, stainless steel or natural stone. The system can also be combined with water bowls from the series AQUA BOWL or cubes from the fountain system AQUA CUBUS.
Use the pre-assembled fountain model series or assort your own high quality water fountain. There are many single elements to choose from. Choose the ones perfect for you and your garden.

This delivery is self-contained including everything you need to get it working immediately:

  • Water storage tank
  • Stone ball
  • Water bowl/cube
  • High-quality pump
  • LED-illumination
  • Manual flow controller


Model Series SAMOA: single stone ball e.g. on moraine gravel

Model Series TONGA: stone ball with water bowl but without overflow

Model Series FIDSCHI I: stone ball with water bowl, overflowing

Model Series FIDSCHI II: stone ball with water bowls, overflowing in cascades

Technical Details

Model Series SAMOA

Model Series TONGA

Model Series FIDSCHI


With our additional options you can design your own individual fountain:

  • Paneling the water storage tank for installation at ground level, material: corten steel or stainless steel
  • LED-illumination: luminous color can vary


The water fountain should be stopped from time to time e.g. at night, using a clock timer. In that way the patina layer keeps regenerating itself, which prevents corten steel from rusting through. Furthermore the algae growth is contrained and the amount dirt reduced.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available