AQUA CUBUS - Water Fountain

Aqua cubus

Water Fountains Made from Corten Steel

Water fountains up to size XXL in stainless steel or corten steel – Our AQUA CUBUS starts where the capacity of other fountains ends. The installation is carried out in a stable, large-volume and hot-dip galvanized water storage tank with integrated setting option. All necessary installation material is included in delivery:
Water fountain(s), hot-dip galvanized water storage tank, high-quality pump and LED-illumination.

Water Fountain AQUA CUBUS without Rim – as Single Fountain or Trilogy

As we manufacture the water fountains ourselves, we can realize your wishes concerning material and size. By default we deliver our cubes with a square-shaped diameter dimension of 300 x 300 mm² (≈ 11.81 x 11.81 in²) or 500 x 500 mm² (≈ 19.69 x 19.69 in²) and staggered heights. In that way elegant trilogies can be created, combining three AQUA CUBUS in different heights.

AQUA CUBUS als Einzelbrunnen

AQUA CUBUS as Single Fountain

AQUA CUBUS als Trilogie

AQUA CUBUS as Trilogy

Die Technik der Quellbrunnen AQUA CUBUS

AQUA CUBUS – Technical Details

Water Fountain AQUA CUBUS with Rim

Elegant and compact water fountain, in stainless steel or patina look – in proper style for every garden. Indoor and outdoor installation possible. Instantly operable: pump included as well as LED –illumination, luminous color warm-white. For pump and illumination two sockets are required. The water storage tank is integrated into the fountain system, special inner Gartenmetall®-coating with elastic and UV-resistant synthetic material.

Quellbrunen AQUA CUBUS mit Rand, quadratisch

Square-shaped AQUA CUBUS, with rim


Round AQUA CUBUS with rim

Quellbrunnen AQUA CUBUS mit Rand – Technik

AQUA CUBUS with rim – Technical Details

Tip for in-house exhibitions:
The AQUA CUBUS with rim is delivered fully installed and instantly operable. The installation and transport is so easy that the object is ideal for fairs, as water elements always draw in customers.

AQUA CUBUS with rim – multiple water fountains

Water game for the public area or big private gardens. The water storage tank is integrated into the fountain system. In order to avoid rusting through or getting auburn water the inner housing is synthetically coated. Instantly operable: pump included as well as LED –illumination, luminous color warm-white. Depending on the number of crop-outs several sockets are required. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Mehrfach-Quellbrunnen quadratisch

Square-shaped multiple water fountain

Mehrfach-Quellbrunnen rechteckig

Rectangular multiple water fountains

Mehrfach-Quellbrunnen rund

Round multiple water fountains

Mehrfach-Quellbrunnen oval

Oval multiple water fountains

AQUA CUBINI – small indoor water fountain

The AQUA CUBINI is a small indoor or outdoor water fountain. The elegant, simple and small cube can e.g. be used as a tabletop fountain and will humidify and clean out your air space. Instantly operable: pump, hoses, and fittings included. Sizes: height 250 mm (≈ 9.84 in) /width: 150 mm (≈ 5.91 in) /Tiefe: 150 mm (≈5.91 in).

AQUA CUBINI - Tischbrunnen

AQUA CUBINI - tabletop fountain

Quellbrunnen AQUA CUBINI - Technik

AQUA CUBINI - Technical Details

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available

AQUA CUBUS as a drinking fountain for dogs

Here you are – Not only beautiful but also useful: The water fountain AQUA CUBUS as a drinking fountain for dogs.
Thank you, Daniela Müller, for this snapshot and for making it available.

image rights: Your Green Guide, 63477 Maintal,


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