AQUA CUBUS - Quellbrunnen

Aqua cubus

Water fountains made from corten steel

Water fountains up to size XXL in stainless steel or corten steel – Our AQUA CUBUS starts where the capacity of other fountains ends. The installation is carried out in a stable, large-volume and hot-dip galvanized water storage tank with integrated setting option.
All necessary installation material is included in delivery:
Water fountain(s), hot-dip galvanized water storage tank, high-quality pump and LED-illumination.

Water fountain AQUA CUBUS without rim – as single fountain or trilogy

As we manufacture the water fountains ourselves, we can realize your wishes concerning material and size. By default we deliver our cubes with a square-shaped diameter dimension of 300 x 300 mm² (≈ 118.11 x 118.11 in²) or 500 x 500 mm² (≈ 196.85 x 196.85 in²) and staggered heights. In that way elegant trilogies can be created, combining three AQUA CUBUS in different heights.

Technique water fountain AQUA CUBUS without rim
AQUA CUBUS without rim - Technical Details
Water fountain AQUA CUBUS as single fountain
AQUA CUBUS as Single Fountain
Water fountain AQUA CUBUS as Trilogy
AQUA CUBUS as Trilogy

Optical cladding for hot-dip galvanized water collection tank

If the water collection tank is placed at ground level and not in the buried position, we recommend to optically clad the hot-dip galvanized tank. Our claddings are available in corten steel, stainless steel and color-coated stainless steel.

Cladding for water collection tank AQUA CUBUS, corten steel

Water fountain AQUA CUBUS with rim

Elegant and compact water fountain, in stainless steel or patina look – in proper style for every garden. Indoor and outdoor installation possible. Instantly operable: pump included as well as LED –illumination, luminous color warm-white. For pump and illumination two sockets are required. The water storage tank is integrated into the fountain system, special inner Gartenmetall®-coating with elastic and UV-resistant synthetic material.

Technique water fountain AQUA CUBUS with rim
AQUA CUBUS with rim - Technical Details
Water fountains AQUA CUBUS with rim, square
Square-shaped AQUA CUBUS, with rim
Water fountains AQUA CUBUS with rim, round
Round AQUA CUBUS with rim

Tip for in-house exhibitions:
The AQUA CUBUS with rim is delivered fully installed and instantly operable. The installation and transport is so easy that the object is ideal for fairs, as water elements always draw in customers.

AQUA CUBUS with rim – multiple water fountains

Our multiple spring fountain is the water feature for urban spaces or spacious private gardens. Multiple spring outlets create an exciting eye-catcher and animate the atmosphere visually and acoustically.
The water collection tank is integrated into the fountain system and lined on the inside with the proven Gartenmetall® plastic coating to protect against rusting through and rusty brown water. Delivery completely functional incl. pump and LED source lighting. Light color warm white as standard. Depending on the number of source outlets, several sockets are necessary. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS square, corten steel
Square multiple fountain with four water outlet jets.
Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS rectangular, color-coated

Note: If the fountain is made of stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel, water can always be expected to bead up due to the smooth surface in combination with the water surface tension. Example fountain: Color-coated spring fountain AQUA CUBUS rectangular, anthracite gray RAL 7016

Various forms of multiple wells AQUA CUBUS

Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS square, corten steel

Square-shaped multiple water fountain

Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS rectangular, corten steel

Rectangular multiple water fountains

Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS round, corten steel

Round multiple water fountains

Multiple water fountains AQUA CUBUS oval, corten steel

Oval multiple water fountains

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

AQUA CUBUS as a drinking fountain for dogs

Here you are – Not only beautiful but also useful: The water fountain AQUA CUBUS as a drinking fountain for dogs.
Thank you, Daniela Müller, for this snapshot and for making it available.
Photo credit: Your Green Guide, 63477 Maintal,

Water fountain AQUA CUBUS solves the thirst on hot days

Overview fountain systems
By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more enjoyable. As one of the market leaders of metal garden objects and fountains, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of outdoor and indoor water objects from private gardens to hotel lobbies or large entrance areas.



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