Rain barrels – high quality and large volume

With our high-quality and extra-large rain barrel AQUA COLLECT made of solid metal you can water your garden sufficiently even in dry summers. The largest barrel can hold up to 800 liters of rainwater! The rain barrel is connected to the rain collector at the back and the water outlet is through a matching brass faucet. The insides of the barrels are coated with black interior coating so that the water remains clean even with the Corten steel version. The rain barrel is covered with a lid with a stainless steel handle to protect it from leaves and other dirt.

Technology and structure rain barrels AQUA RAIN

Our high-quality rain barrels are available in a classic round shape, in a semicircular shape for special garden situations or in a space-saving square shape. The round barrels with 800 liters or 500 liters have the most volume. The semicircular variant offer you a capacity of 500 liters and the square one 700 liters.

The inner coating is UV-stable, the top edge is beveled all around for more stability and as a support for the lid. The tap is placed high enough to comfortably place a watering can under it.

Technique rain barrels from Gartenmetall
Three different types of RAIN BARRELS in XXL format: round, semicircular or square

Accessories for rain barrels AQUA COLLECT

Tap made of brass

The outlet tap is placed so you can easily put a watering can under it and take out most of the barrel. Height tap: 300 mm above the floor. Material: Brass

Regentonne, Wasserhahn aus Messing

Suitable cover for rain barrel AQUA COLLECT

To protect from leaves and other dirt but also to protect small children the rain barrel is covered with a suitable lid. The handle is made of stainless steel for all surfaces.

Regentonne, Deckel

Different surfaces

The rain barrels are available in classic rust-red Corten steel, color-coated stainless steel or rotex-ground stainless steel finish. This allows you to choose which surface will fit best in your garden situation.

Regentonne Cortenstahl
RAIN BARREL made of characteristic rust red corten steel
Regentonne farbbeschichtet
RAIN BARREL made of color coated stainless steel
Regentonne Edelstahl
RAIN BARREL made of stainless steel, rotex ground

Information Material

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Technical product info / Assembly instructions AQUA COLLECT Rain barrel

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