AQUA BOWL - Water Bowls

Aqua bowl

Water Bowls

Water bowls are a good starting point for shapely fountains in private or public areas. All water bowls are exclusive special designs. Only very high-graded material is being used: in the sector of patina only high-quality corten steel.
Due to the extensive modular system water bowls of different sizes and forms can be combined together with infeed tubes, nozzles for waterspout fountains, LED-illumination etc. and turn the water bowls into an effectful cascade fountain.
By default the diameter of the water bowls is between ø600 mm (≈ 1.96 ft) and ø2.000 mm (≈ 6.56 ft). With the help of our partners, however, custom products up to ø2.700 mm (≈ 8.86 ft) are possible.

When delivered – All necessary material for the installation is included:

  • Water storage tank
  • Water bowl
  • Suitable high-quality pump
  • LED-illumination


Model series VERONA:
Water Bowl for Standing Water

Model series FLORENZ:
Water Bowl as Water Fountain without Overflow

Model series ROM: Water Bowl as Overflowing Water Fountain with one Water Bowl (Standard)

Model series ROM: Water Bowl as Overflowing Cascade Fountain, in this Example with two Water Bowls

Model series TURIN: Water Bowl with Infeed Tube, with or without Overflow

Model series RIVA: Water Bowl as Water Fountain in a fungal form

Technical Details


Model Series VERONA


Model Series FLORENZ

Model Series ROM with One Water Bowl

Model Series ROM with Two Water Bowls

Model Series TURIN without Overflow

Model Series TURIN with Overflow

Model Series RIVA

Nozzles for Waterspout Fountains and Foam Nozzles

By default an LED-illumination is installed at the fountain outlet. This can be replaced by a nozzle for a waterspout fountain or by a foam nozzle.

Nozzle LAWA


Wasserschale Schaumsprudler

Foam Nozzles


Unterteil für Wasserschale zum einfachen Ausrichten der Schale

Lower Part for Water Bowl for Easy Adjusting of the Bowl

Verkleidung für Wassersammelgefäß bei ebenerdiger Installation. Material: Cortenstahl oder Edelstahl

Covering for water storage tank with installation at ground level. Material: corten steel or stainless steel


With water bowls made from corten steel one has to take into account that the water might turn a little auburn – as long as a stable barrier coat on the metallic surface has developed. With water bowls made from corten steel, that are not emptied at least once a week and therefore cannot dry completely from time to time, the metal can rust through just like other metal, too. Our water fountain AQUA BOWL is therefore designed that all water drains off into the water storage tank once the water supply is stopped. But: If you plan continuous operation, we recommend to use a clock timer, so that the bowl can completely dry off at least once a week.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available