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Aqua Bowl Water Bowls

Elegant water bowls for garden and park

With high-quality water bowls for gardens, parks, courtyards or public places, effective water features can be designed and the quality of stay of a place can be considerably increased. Green areas with standing or flowing water invite you to relax and gardens become real oases of tranquility with our bowl fountains.

The water bowls are available in standard sizes from diameter ø600 mm to ø2,000 mm for standing or flowing water, made of weatherproof Cortensteel with its typical rust-red patina, or of shiny stainless steel for special installation situations. Special dimensions are possible upon customer request.

Due to the extensive modular range, water bowls can be used solo as individual elements or combined in various dimensions and shapes to create effective spring fountains with cascade overflow.

Inlet pipes, fountain nozzles, foam bubblers, LED lighting and other accessories offer a wide range of design options.

The delivery includes all the elements which are necessary for assembly:

  • Large water collection bowl (fiberglass)
  • Waterbowl(s)
  • Suitable, high quality pump
  • LED lighting on the water outlet

The AQUA BOWL water bowl series - Technology

Gartenmetall® offers the right water bowl model for every location and every requirement. In the following, we present the individual series to you. However, you are also welcome to request your very own water bowl. Since we manufacture ourselves, special designs are always possible.

We offer a classic water bowl for standing water with the model series VERONA. As a simple design element in the garden, it is especially popular with our feathered friends for quenching their thirst or bathing.

Water bowl model series VERONA

Technology model series VERONA:
Water bowl solo for standing water

Quellbrunnen AQUA BOWL Verona

Model series VERONA:
Water bowl solo for standing water

If standing water is not enough for you, you can choose a water bowl as a spring fountain. The models of the series FLORENZ are designed without overflow. The water flows in the inlet and overflow pipe back into the water collection bowl, which is built under the bowl and from here it is transported upwards by a pump.

Water bowl model series FLORENZ

Technology model series FLORENZ:
Water Bowl as a Water Fountain without Overflow

Water fountain AQUA BOWL Florenz, Bowl diameter ø1000 mm

Model series FLORENZ:
Water Bowl as Water Fountain without Overflow

If you prefer a bowl with overflow, then our models from the ROM series are interesting for you. Here you have the choice between one, two or more water bowls. The water splashes down from bowl to bowl, is collected in the water collection bowl and pumped back up from here.

Technology model series ROM:
with a Water Bowl

Water fountain AQUA BOWL Rom, Bowl diameter ø1000 mm

Model series ROM:
Water Bowl as Overflowing Water Fountain with one Water Bowl (Standard)

Technique water bowls AQUA BOWL Rom, 2 Bowls

Technology model series ROM:
with two Water Bowls as Cascade

Water fountain AQUA BOWL Roma as cascade, Bowl diameter ø600 and ø1000 mm

Model series ROM:
Water Bowl as Water Fountain, overflowing, here with two Water Bowls

The TURIN model series is limited to one bowl again – with or without overflow, depending on preference and installation situation. The water supply here is via a curved stainless steel inlet pipe, which is attached to the side of the bowl base. The fountain produces a higher noise level compared to the pure bowl fountains.

Technology model series TURIN:
with Overflow

Water fountain AQUA BOWL Turin, Bowl diameter ø1000 mm

Model series TURIN:
Water Bowl with Inlet Pipe, with Overflow

Technology model series TURIN:
Water Bowl without Overflow

AQUA BOWL Turin without Overflow

Model series TURIN:
Water Bowl with Inlet Pipe
without Overflow

New in the range is a model series MODENA, a combination of several water bowls, which are arranged as a cascade. The water is pumped by a pond pump into the top bowl. From here it pours into the bowls below until the water is collected again in the basin. The bowls stand on stainless steel pipes, which are covered with drilled-through stones. As a special model MODENA is also available with an inlet pipe RAURIS, through which the water flows into the top bowl.

Your can find more ideas from the category WATER here.

Technik Wasserschalen AQUA BOWL Modena, 2 Schalen

Technology model series MODENA:
Cascade with two Overflow Bowls

Wasserschale AQUA BOWL Modena mit drei Schalen

Model series MODENA:
as a Cascade with two Overflow Bowls

Model series MODENA:
as a Cascade with several Overflow Bowls

Wasserschale AQUA BOWL Modena mit zwei Schalen und Einlaufrohr RAURIS

Model series MODENA:
as Cascade, Water Inlet via Inlet Pipe RAURIS

The most visually unusual model probably comes from the model series RIVA. Here, the bowl appears to be visually upside down, virtually in the shape of a fungus. The water flows from the inlet with source stone lighting over the downward curved bowl and is collected in the GRP basin. From here it is pumped up again via a pond pump.

Technology model series RIVA:
Water Bowl in a fungal form

Water fountain AQUA BOWL Riva, Bowl diameter ø1000 mm

Model series RIVA:
Water Bowl as Water Fountain in a fungal form

Waterspout Fountains and Foam Nozzles

As Standard, LED lighting is attached to the source outlet. This can be replaced by various fountain nozzles: The LAWA nozzle creates a water bell, the VULKAN nozzle sprays the water powerfully into the air. The foam bubbler provides a bubbling and foaming water image. Due to the intensive swirling with air, plenty of oxygen is added to the water.

Water Bowl Nozzle LAWA

Nozzle LAWA

Water Bowl Nozzle VULKAN


Water Bowl AQUA BOWL with Schaumsprudler

Foam Nozzles with Lighting kid

Accessories for Water Fountain AQUA BOWL

Bottom part for water bowl

Lower Part for Water Bowl
for Easy Adjusting of the Bowl

Covering for water collection tank for installation at ground level Material: corten steel or stainless steel

Covering for water storage tank
with installation at ground level. Material: corten steel or stainless steel

Application and Care Instructions

With water bowls made of corten steel, it is to be expected that especially in the first few years, the water can take on a rusty brown color – until a stable barrier layer has formed on the metal surface. Corten steel water bowls that are not emptied at least once a week and are not allowed to dry completely on a regular basis will rust through like “normal” metal. Our AQUA BOWL spring fountains are therefore all designed so that when the water supply is turned off, all the water drains into the buried water collection bowl. Nevertheless, the use of a timer is recommended for continuous operation, so that the bowl can dry completely at least once a week. For more information about corten steel, please visit our FAQ page >>> FAQ

VIDEO – Overview Multiple Cascade AQUA BOWL MODENA

Round water bowls can be used to create beautifully shaped fountains and spring fountains for both private and public areas. In this case, three bowls of different sizes were combined into an ensemble. The stainless steel pipe on which the bowls were mounted is hidden by a perforated stone. The water is pumped into the top bowl via a pond pump and runs into the next bowl at the overflow points.

VIDEO – Overview Fountain Systems

Overview water fountain systems
By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more attractive. As one of the market leaders of metal garden objects and fountains, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of outdoor and indoor water objects from private gardens to hotel lobbies or large entrance areas.

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