water objects

made of metal

Water bowls, fountain troughs and water objects for every garden

Only with water elements the garden becomes an experience. By installing small or large water objects made of metal such as fountain troughs, spring fountains, fountains or water bowls, every garden becomes more attractive. The splashing and refreshing water creates a special atmosphere and captivates young and old alike.

Wide range of modern fountain systems for garden, terrace and interior spaces

As the market leader of garden objects and fountains made of metal, Gartenmetall® covers the complete range of water objects for outdoor and also indoor areas such as hotel lobbies or large entrance areas. Modern water objects differ in shape, technique, material and field of application. All fountain objects are individually manufactured by us in our in-house production.



Aqua Top

Aqua Bowl

Aqua Globe

Aqua Block

Aqua Rain


Aqua Collect


Our water objects
made of metal

There is a suitable fountain for every garden, every park and even for interiors. Learn more about our metal water objects:

The classic fountain systems are the AQUA LINEA water troughs made of folded metal, which we offer as rectangular, round or semicircular fountains. The water inlet is via a water wall attached to the water trough with a stainless steel water chute. It forms a wide curtain of water. Alternatively, the water splashes into the basin via a stainless steel water pipe that is screwed directly to the wide trough edge. Atmospheric effects can be created with several water troughs which are positioned at different heights. Here, the water flows via stainless steel water overflows as a cascade into the lowest trough and is pumped up from there.

Our round water bowls AQUA BOWL can be used to form effective water features for private gardens as well as for parks and public spaces. The AQUA BOWL range includes simple bowls with standing water, bowls without or bowls with water overflow. If several bowls with overflow are used, an elegant cascade fountain is created. The bowls are available in high-quality Corten steel or elegantly shining stainless steel. By using LED lighting installed as standard, special fountain nozzles or bubblers, every builder can give the fountain their own personal touch.

The AQUA CUBUS spring fountains are available with a rectangular or round cube and in various sizes. Thanks to their compact size and easy installation, they are also excellent as stands for trade fairs. This group also includes the AQUA BLOCK spring fountains which are usually combined with a fountain trough as well as our AQUA GLOBE spring fountains with sphere. With their gentle splashing, they spread a very special atmosphere and are also suitable for installation in closed rooms.

The AQUA TOP water walls are available with a single-sided or double-sided water outlet. Just like the AQUA RAIN water curtain, they can be set up as a visual room divider and reduce for example unwanted background noise in hotel lobbies with the sound of splashing water. At the same time they provide a better indoor climate.

In our own production we also produce the matching fountain and water inlets – tubular straight or curved as well as linear straight or curved. All water bowls are made of high-quality V4A stainless steel which makes them particularly durable and can be tailored to the exact width and projection of the fountain type. In numerous test series we have optimized our water chutes so that a particularly even water distribution results.

With our high-quality and extra-large rain barrel AQUA COLLECT made of solid metal you can water your garden sufficiently even in dry summers. After all, the largest barrel holds up to 800 litres! The rain barrel is connected to the rain collector at the back and the water outlet is through a matching brass faucet. The insides of the barrels are coated with black interior coating so that the water remains clean even with the Corten steel version.

The heatable AQUA LUND Hot Tub transforms the garden into a small wellness oasis. It is made of high-quality metal, double-walled and coated on the inside with haptically pleasant plastic. AQUA LUND is available with an underwater wood stove and/or a round bench.

Pumps for an even water level

There are three different options for the position of the pump: The cheapest and quickest to install option is to sink the pump directly into the water trough. If you do not want the pump to be visible, you can also go for a higher-quality pump that is installed outside in the dry, e.g. in the water wall. Cooling takes place via the water flowing through the unit. The third variant is to place the pump in a separate pump sump. The additional water in combination with an overflow pipe ensures that the water level in the fountain basin always remains the same.

Although all our pumps are “frost-proof”, we strongly recommend that you drain them and all hoses completely in winter. In a frost-free place, e.g. in the garage, the pump can then be stored submerged in water.

Weatherproof materials and correct handling for durability

When selecting the materials, our primary goal is to ensure that builders enjoy their new metal water feature for as long as possible. For this reason, we manufacture our fountains from high-quality and weather-resistant metal and, in the case of Corten steel, we line the inside of the fountain troughs and water basins with a special black plastic coating to prevent rusting through and red water. This inner coating is always tested for water proofing before delivery.

To prevent stainless steel water bowls from rusting through like normal steel, they must be allowed to dry completely at least once a week. Only then can the stable barrier layer to protect against rusting through form anew. To do this the pump must be switched off, preferably by means of a timer. The water then drains off completely via a small, defined leakage hole. Drying the tray additionally inhibits algae growth and reduces dirt in the tray.

Delivery completely pre-assembled and functional

All Gartenmetall® water objects are – as far as possible – delivered pre-assembled and thus completely functional. In addition to the selected corpus, a water collection vessel, the desired pump, required connections and the optional lighting elements are included. Many other options are possible: additional protection for children is provided by cover grids, individual overflow standpipes, various pump systems and different LED lighting systems fulfil (almost) all customer wishes. By choosing the water outlet or the type of water nozzles used you can additionally customise the appearance of the fountain. And if something should be missing from our wide range of products: Thanks to our own production and construction, we can also provide unusual customer requests.

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