Traffic circle
made of metal

Design elements for traffic circles

You want to give your city entrance a new face? How about visually enhancing previously unused traffic circles with metal objects? Design elements such as sculptures, lettering or round planting bed edgings are ideal for this purpose. Or does your town has a emblem? Then you can recreate detailed emblems with classic path edging strips to create a strong accent. Let our images inspire you and create your own eye-catchers. Send us your hand sketches or 3D CAD plans so that we can technically implement them according to your ideas. More ideas from the STREET FURNITURE category can be found here.

Kreisverkehr mit Willkommensgruß
The classic stele: traffic circle with welcome greeting

Examples of design elements

Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? Instead of purely gravel surfaces, it is a good idea to design traffic circles as eye-catchers in a visually appealing way. This can be achieved with colourful planting but can be visually enhanced with individual and durable metal objects. Be inspired by our ideas!

Passage gates or portal gates in different shapes and designs

How about welcoming your residents and guests to your city with a portal gate? Our ARCO passage gates are available as panel gates and in square and round designs. As a special effect, the metal portals can be illuminated, making them look inviting even from a distance.

ARCO Durchgangstor als Flächentor für Kreisverkehr
ARCO panel door
ARCO portal gate for traffic circle
ARCO portal door
ARCO Bogentor für Kreisverkehr
ARCO arched gate

Lettering, saying boards and other greetings

You want to welcome your visitors with a special message? This could be done, for example, in the form of a scroll on which your city motto has been lasered in large letters. Or how about a metal screen visible from miles away, with “Welcome” written on it in different languages. The steles and letters have to withstand wind and weather at this prominent location and must therefore be firmly anchored in the ground.

Traffic circle privacy screen with slogan "Welcome" in different languages
Privacy screen VISTA "Welcome" in different languages
Traffic circle with scroll saying stele
Saying stele in the shape of a WRITING ROLL
Traffic circle with lettering
Corten steel lettering on a traffic circle

Metal ornaments

Special ornaments on traffic circles can be achieved with our path edging strips. These can either be filled with various materials or planted in a visually appealing way. This type of design is easy to maintain and also does not restrict visibility.

Emblem on traffic circles with path edging strips
Emblem made from path edging strips
Ornaments on traffic circles with path edging strips
Ornaments made from path edging strips

Safety instructions


Ensure that design elements for traffic circles do not obscure the view of the roadway or distract road users from looking at the road. Also important: Because of their exposed position, the free-standing design elements are often exposed to strong wind forces and must therefore be particularly securely concreted in or otherwise fixed.


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A
Example metal surface: color-coated according to RAL
Color-coated Stainless Steel
according to RAL or DB
material number: 1.4301, V2A