Round Benches

Round Benches

Round or arched benches adapt to different contexts and form a welcoming rest area on public squares or in parks. Dive into the possibilities of our modular system and choose the material and form that fits you best.

With the help of a ground plate, crane hooks and forklift openings round benches from our proven and elaborate modular system become Mobile planter benches.

Many options are possible:

  • Material: patina, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel or color-coated metal
  • Seat rests: Material and sizes
  • Side rest
  • Backrest
  • Formed seat
  • Integrated illumination under the bench

As a simple bench or as a mobile planter bench

Model Series Füssen - open

Sitzbank Baureihe Koblenz - offen

Model Series Koblenz - open

Sitzbank Baureihe Bonn - offen

Model Series Bonn - open

Sitzbank Baureihe Essen - offen

Model Series Essen - open

Sitzbank Baureihe Halle - offen

Model Series Halle - open

Sitzbank Baureihe Amberg - offen

Model Series Amberg - open

Model Series Rügen - open

Model Series Füssen - closed


Model Series Koblenz - closed


Model Series Bonn - closed

Sitzbank Baureihe Essen - geschlossen

Model Series Essen - closed

Sitzbank Baureihe Halle - geschlossen

Model Series Halle - closed

Sitzbank Baureihe Amberg - geschlossen

Model Series Amberg - closed

Model Series Rügen - closed

Sizes for Benches

In order to help defining the sizes of your benches please use this proven checklist.

Length of the BenchThe length of the bench is defined according to the length of the front edge. The length of the bench and the length of the seat rest can differ (e.g. with model series AUGSBURG).

Seat DepthThe seat depth with backrests should be at least 400 mm (≈ 15.75 in). In case of benches without backrest the seat depth can be more than 500 mm (≈ 19.67 in), in case of double benches accordingly up to more than 1.000 mm (≈ 39.37 in). Because of the beam cross section a seat depth of 490 mm (≈ 19.29 in) is proven.

Seat HeightThere is no official standard for the seat height of benches. In the public sector we recommend a seat height from 420 mm (≈ 16.54 in) to 470 mm (≈ 18.50 in), which allows even seniors to stand up again easily.

Round Benches (Options)With round benches the length of the front edge and the opening angle are specified. It is essential to know whether the front edge lies inside or outside of the radius.

Abmessungen für Sitzbank

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available

Material Seat Rest

The overall impression of a bench is mainly influenced by the size and arrangement of the seat beams. Generally, we recommend an even and symmetrical set-up. 130 x 65 mm² (≈ 5.12 x 2.56 in²) and 65 x 65 mm² (≈ 2.56 x 2.56 in²) has become our prefered size with hardwood. Depending on availability we are also open for other sizes. The following materials are possible: