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made of metal

Round benches

with high-quality seat rests

Round and curved benches fit all conditions and form an inviting resting zone on public areas and in parks. Furthermore, seating increases the quality of stay in public areas and therefore brings life to city centres.
Find the right material for your plans from the wide range of construction kits and design your individual favourite bench.

Round benches from the proven bench system, together with a base, crane hooks or forklift openings, become Mobile Planters with Bench. More ideas from the STREET FURNITURE category can be found here. Many options are possible:
  • Material: Material: Corten steel, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised steel or colour-coated stainless steel
  • Seat rest: various materials and dimensions
  • Backrests
  • Side rest
  • Integrated lighting under the bench

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Benches –

Technology and options

We have almost perfected the technical details of the benches thanks to our long-term experience. Seat rests are screwed from below, backrests are made to match the design of the bench and the integrated lighting puts everything in the best light.

Floor fixing for benches

Every bench should be stable and secure on the floor. Several variants are conceivable: with lugs to screw it down or make the bench so heavy that it is almost impossible to move it without tools. f the substructure is designed as a volume of metal, filling it with sand or moraine gravel is a good way to increase the weight and thus the stability. When integrating in the ground, pay attention to the seat height and increase if necessary when ordering!

Seat rests

The seat rests are screwed to a stainless steel cross‐batten from below, so that no fastening screws are visible from above or laterally in the wood. The complete seat surface is screwed onto the substructure with screws between the seat rests. This allows accessibility for maintenance at any time. Screwing into the wood from below can also be done with the high‐quality Gartenmetall® LOCK system. This particularly stable technology has been statically proven with its own approval (ETA 11/0212 dated 12.10.2016).

Backrest for benches (option)

Backrests extend the stool bench to a real bench and are the basis for relaxed sitting. Height: approx. 350 mm, leaning angle approx. 20°. The length of the backrests can be freely determined independently of the length of the seat rest. A possible asymmetry often gives the seating element that special “kick”. Maximum distance between two holders depends on material and cross‐section. In most cases the distance between two holders is less than < one meter. The holders are included in the price per metre.

Integrated lighting (option)

The benches can be designed to create an atmospheric atmosphere. There are two options: For benches with a solid substructure, the LED lighting track can be installed on the long side of the solid corpus. Distance to corner 250 mm in each case. For benches with an open corpus, the light strip can also be mounted under the seat rest.

Curved bench –

high seating comfort and durability

Our metal benches for public areas differ in the construction of the substructure and in the type of seat rest.

Of course we also offer Corten steel, stainless steel, colour-coated stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel for the corpus here. Depending on the bench type, you can choose between thermo-ash, hardwood, RESYSTA®, KEBONY® and plastic-coated metal. But not all materials can be used with all banks. Details can be found in our product info. All benches have in common the high-quality manufacturing and the long-lasting quality of the benches – so that you can enjoy the furniture for many years.


for benches

Our benches have several standard dimensions that have proven to be useful in practice. Most benches have a comfortable seat height of 475 mm and a seat depth of 490 mm. You can find more detailed information in our product info where you will also find a checklist as a guide for planning.
We manufacture all benches ourselves so special dimensions are no problem.

Bench length

The bench length is determined by the length of the front edge. It may be different from the length of the seat rests due to the design.

Seat height

There is no official standard for the height of the benches. We recommend a seat height of 420 mm to 490 mm in public areas. By standard, our benches are designed with a seat height of 475 mm. This also allows seniors to stand up more easily. If the bench is to be integrated into the floor, the seat height must be increased accordingly.

Seat depth

The seat depth should be at least 400 mm with backrests. With stool benches, the depth can be up to more than 500 mm. As a typical seat depth has been well‐proven in practice 490 mm.

Round benches

For round benches, the length of the front edge and the opening angle are specified. his requires the information whether the front edge in the radius is outside or inside.


Benches as a closed round bench

You can also order many of the semi-round street furniture as closed round benches. This creates an open space in the middle which can be planted for example. It is also possible to install a round plant trough which can be planted creatively with perennials, grasses or alternating plants.

Material seat rest

for Gartenmetall®-benches

The dimensions and position of the seat bars have a significant influence on the entire look of the bench. In general, we recommend an even and symmetrical positioning. There are different dimensions depending on the material. In general, we stay free for all other dimensions – depending on availability. The following materials are possible:

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