Planter Bench

Mobile Planter Bench

Mobile planter benches are developed for the use in the public sector. Our designers have assorted the most popular combinations into model series. Due to the clever modular system, however, every planter and every bench is balanced with the surroundings as well as the individual wishes of designers and users. Tender Templates are available for download at the bottom of this page.

BORKUM: Mobiler Pflanztrog mit integrierter Sitzbank an der Längsseite

Model Series BORKUM:Mobile Planter Bench (longitudinal)

Model Series FÖHR:Mobile Planter Bench (across the corner)

USEDOM: Mobiler Pflanztrog mit umlaufender Sitzbank

Model Series USEDOM:Mobile Planter Bench (circumferential)

NORDERNEY: Mobiler, halbrunder Pflanztrog mit gerader Sitzbank

Model Series NORDERNEY:Mobile Halfround Planter Bench (straight bench)

JUIST: Mobiler Pflanztrog mit integrierter Sitzbank

Model Series JUIST:Mobile Plant Trough with Integrated Bench

SYLT: Mobiler Pflanztrog mit zwei gegenüberliegenden Sitzbänken

Model Series SYLT:Mobile Plant Trough with Two Integrated Benches vis-à-vis

BALTRUM: Mobiler, dreieckiger Pflanztrog mit gerader Sitzbank

Model Series BALTRUM:Mobile, Triangular Plant Trough with Straight Bench

AMRUM: Mobiler, runder Pflanztrog mit augenförmiger Sitzbank

Model Series AMRUM:Mobile, Round Plant Trough with Eye-shaped Bench (unilateral or on both sides)


The manufacturing of mobile planters is done on an individual basis. Therefore many options are possible. Compose your personal planter bench or complete one of the model series with the following options:

  • Material: stainless steel, patina, hot-dip galvanized steel or color-coated metal
  • Seat rest: material and sizes
  • Side rests
  • Back rest
  • Formed seats
  • Integrated illumination on bench
  • Transport-Option
  • Irrigation
  • Wall insulation
  • Waterproof ground

Tip: It is easy to form mobile plant troughs if you use round benches with ground plate: Round Benches as Planter.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available

Material of Seat RestsPossible Materials