Bike racks
made of metal

Bike Racks and leaning bracket for the city

The more cyclists are on the road, the more parking facilities for e-bikes and other bikes should be placed in city centres, in front of schools, community centres or public buildings. In this way, the bikes are not parked at random on street lamp posts, railings or fire lanes, but are connected in a theft-proof manner to bicycle leaning bars or bicycle parkers in firmly defined areas.

Our metal leaning brackets are bevelled on all sides so that there is no risk of injury and the wheels can be leaned against them in a way that is gentle on the material. Our FREIBURG and OLDENBURG designer bike racks are available in various materials: Corten steel, hot-dip galvanised stainless steel or colour-coated stainless steel. So you are sure to find the right model for your urban design. FREIBURG is a metal bike rack, OLDENBURG also has a wooden lean-to. Both models are available for setting in concrete or for bolting to a flat surface.

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Fahrradparker FREIBURG und OLDENBURG zum Anschrauben
FREIBURG and OLDENBURG bolt-on bike racks

Bike rack FREIBURG made of metal

The classic among the bike racks is our FREIBURG model: The sturdy frame has rounded edges all around and enough space to lock the bicycle. FREIBURG can either be concreted into the ground or screwed to a level and stable surface.

Bike racks FREIBURG to set in concrete
Bike racks FREIBURG to set in concrete
Bike rack FREIBURG for screwing on
Bike racks FREIBURG for screwing on

Bike rack OLDENBURG made of metal

With our OLDENBURG bike rack, we have mounted a leaning bracket made of durable hardwood on the metal frame with two spacers. The cross-section of the wood is larger than the frame so the wood protrudes approx. 5 mm on all sides. The bicycle can be leaned against the wood in a way that is particularly gentle on the material. As with the FREIBURG model, there are two mounting variants: for setting in concrete in the ground with extended legs and for bolting on with an additional base plate.

Bike rack OLDENBURG to set in concrete
Bike rack OLDENBURG to set in concrete
OLDENBURG bicycle parker for screwing on
Bike racks OLDENBURG for screwing on

Planning notes


The construction of recommended bike racks is regulated in the Technical Guideline TR 6102, published by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC). It contains requirements for the spacing of bike racks, the areas and the overall design of bike parking facilities. All of our bike racks meet the requirements specified or recommended in TR 6102. The current policy can be viewed or downloaded at


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A
Example metal surface: color-coated according to RAL
Color-coated Stainless Steel
according to RAL or DB
material number: 1.4301, V2A
Example metal surface: steel, hot-dip galvanised
Hot-dip galvanized steel
according to DIN EN ISO 1461

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