Bike racks

Functional and Modern

Bike racks are a necessary and useful element of modern city design. The art is to balance the harmonious combination of function and good looks. The development, design and production only take place in Germany. As we produce ourselves sizes, material, sheet thickness and surfaces can be chosen according to your needs and wishes.


The classic among the bike racks is the U-rack, to lean against and with enough space for locking. To be embedded in concrete or with ground plate for bolting. For bigger cycle parking project optionally with underground link-up.

Fahrradparker FREIBURG zum Einbetonieren und mit Bodenplatte zum Festschrauben

Bike rack FREIBURG, to be embedded in conrete or with ground plate for bolting


The further development of our classic FREIBURG: In order to reduce the surface hardness and to avoid scratching the bike’s paintwork a piece of 100% hardwood is integrated which protrudes about 5 mm (≈ 0.20 in). Made by Gartenmetall®.

Fahrradparker OLDENBURG

Bike rack OLDENBURG, to be embedded in conrete or with ground plate for bolting

OptionsMany options are possible:

  • Sizes/Geometry/Type
  • Material (corten steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, color-coated metal, polished stainless steel)
  • Mounted on ground
    • to be embedded in concrete
    • on ground plate for bolting

Important Note

The design and installation of recommendable cycle parking projects is described in the technical guidelines TR 6102 published by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V. (ADFC ≈ General German Bike Club). It covers requirements concerning the racks themselves as well as the use of spaces (e.g. inbetween racks). All our bike racks meet the set or recommended TR 6102-standards. For current guideline see

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available