Street furniture

Street furniture
made of metal

Street furniture creates and enhances the public space

Gartenmetall® not only produces metal objects for the garden but has also had a broad portfolio of street furniture for squares, parks, schoolyards and pedestrian zones for more than ten years. The street furniture such as benches, planters, bicycle parking, information steles and litter bins are specially designed for public spaces. They are characterised by a technically high-quality and vandalism-proof finish, robust basic materials and a high inherent stability. If the tree tubs or plant troughs have to be moved, for example when a city festival is coming up, then they can be easily moved aside thanks to crane lugs or forklift openings.

The street furniture series from Gartenmetall®

Please take a seat - benches straight and round

As individual as the requirements in public spaces are, as diverse are our benches for street furniture: with open or closed carcasses, straight or round, with backrest, side rest or without, made of Corten steel, stainless steel or colour-coated, with wooden or plastic seat… As all our benches are designed and manufactured in-house, we can adapt them specifically to the needs of the communities – and offer the builders more quality of stay for the population with beautifully designed seating.

Stable and flexible at the same time - Mobile tree planters round

Simple and elegant, the mobile tree planters from Gartenmetall® blend into city squares, schoolyards or pedestrian zones. The square or round tree tubs are designed for mobile use with a stable substructure and crane hooks or forklift openings. With stationary planning, the floor can be omitted, which makes the construction simpler and more cost-effective. Water storage mats and an integrated water reservoir, both optionally available, ensure good watering of the urban trees.

Harmonious ensemble - plant troughs with bench

The combination of plant trough with bench offers very special possibilities for open space design, as both together create a harmonious overall picture. The troughs can be elegantly designed in shape, size and equipment to meet the requirements of the public space and the bench area is likewise individually designed to meet the wishes of architects and municipalities. The materials available are rust-red corten steel, high-quality stainless steel or, as a special touch of colour, colour-coated stainless steel. Also here, crane lugs or forklift openings provide flexibility. Further options such as seat rests, backrests or lighting can be easily manufactured thanks to our own production.

Everything you need to know – information stele

From the very first view, our showcases, information steles, signposts and information signs show that they contain technical sophistication and high-quality design. Our wide range of information steles includes simple variants for signposting hiking trails and squares to complex display cases for town halls, churches and other public institutions. All information boards are vandalism and injury resistant and manufactured for stable installation.

Secure hold for bicycles - bicycle parking and lean-to bars

In city centres, in front of schools, universities and sports facilities, bicycle stands are an essential part of the street furniture. The FREIBURG and OLDENBURG bicycle racks combine functionality with an attractive, linear design and are therefore popular for use in rows. FREIBURG is a stable frame with rounded edges for leaning against and connecting the bike. OLDENBURG also has a wooden lean-to to prevent the wheel from being scratched.

For a clean city - trash and ash bins

The high-quality DANZIG trash bins and sturdy POSEN pedestal ashtrays are explicitly designed as street furniture for public spaces and are intended for use in front of restaurants, sports fields, schools or in public squares. They are securely anchored to the floor or screwed to the wall. The large volume of the waste and ash containers allows long emptying intervals.

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