Solid and robust planters and raised beds​

With planters and raised beds from the TERRESTA series you can transform terraces, balconies and even small gardens into a beautiful oasis. Denn Pflanzen sind in den Hochbeeten aus Metall besser aufgehoben als in Blumenkästen und Blumentöpfen: Die stabilen Gefäße bieten Platz für viel Erdsubstrat und damit guten Wurzelraum, außerdem können die Bewässerungsintervalle verlängert werden, wenn zusätzlich Wasserspeichermatten eingebaut werden. So even hot and dry summers can not harm your plants!

The plant troughs can also be used to make different heights fall-proof and replace for example railings on terraces. You can find more ideas from the EARTH category here.

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TERRESTA planters

Our planters are designed to last. The design is high quality and thoughtful and is characterized by the following features:

  • Flexible in height, width and length, from 0.25 m to over 18 m
  • Easy and quick installation: planters are delivered ready from the factory.
  • Practically no screw connections and if there are, then invisible from the outside.
  • Stable design, as corners are completely welded
  • Delivery from stock as well as special production possible, because directly from the manufacturer


The planters and dimensions

Which planters are suitable for me? In principle, there are no restrictions on the shape and size, because the dimensions of high-quality metal planters can be adjusted exactly to your circumstances. They come in sizes from 0.25 m to over 18 m in length. The smaller troughs are delivered in one piece and only need to be set up and filled. Planters and raised beds from approx. 3 m in length or approx. 2 m in width, on the other hand, are delivered in several parts and joined together on site with a special screw connection – so no screw connections are visible from the outside. We are happy to manufacture special dimensions and shapes such as round, oval or lenticular planters according to your specifications.

Larger planters are screwed together stably on site using the Gartenmetall® connecting system.
Larger planters are screwed together stably on site using the Gartenmetall® connecting system.

Due to the beveled top side, the individual elements obtain a very high stability with a relatively low sheet thickness. If this stability is not sufficient for tall and very long planters, transverse or longitudinal braces are installed, which are not visible after filling. The installation effort on site remains minimal. Due to the integrated mounting brackets, the elements are perfectly aligned. This Gartenmetall® development has established itself on the market and is protected by copyright.

Detail: Stable screw connection for quick assembly
Detail: Stable screw connection for quick assembly


different shapes of planters

In the section TERRESTA we have gathered a whole range of planters of different shapes and combinations. In principle, almost all forms are possible. Ask for your individual form.

Square planters - individually or in combination

Rectangular planters - as a classic raised bed

Combined planters - designed exactly for your needs

Special shapes planters - with soft curves


Planters with round edge

To protect against injuries or as a visual design element, we also offer our plant troughs with rounded edges. Please note that there is an additional charge due to the increased effort involved.

Accessories for metal planters and raised beds

Bottom for planter

If the planter is to be moved from time to time, then this is only possible if either a water-permeable or a waterproof base is installed. In the latter case, an overflow pipe and internal coating are necessary against rusting through. In addition, we offer a set of rollers for smaller vessels up to 800 mm³. The rollers are mounted on the vessel from below.

Roller set for planter

For smaller vessels up to 800 mm³ we offer a set of rollers. The rollers are mounted on the vessel from below. Load capacity per roll 100 kg. Distance from the bottom of the planter about 40 mm.

Coaster for planter

A stainless steel coaster protects the patio floor from plant soil and rust water. Since coasters have a limited water holding capacity, heavy rain or excessive watering will cause water to overflow, resulting in some soiling. Note: It is essential to install wooden or plastic spacers with a minimum thickness of 10 mm between Corten steel planters and the stainless steel coaster. Only then can the planter dry out again and again, even in the bottom area.

Root insulation board

Root insulation boards made of extruded polystyrene rigid foam (XPS) or polyurethane (PUR), which are adapted on site, are recommended to protect the root zone from frost and heat.

Water storage mat for irrigation

Water storage mats can be installed in the container for regulated irrigation. They act as both a water reservoir and insulation. 1 cm of hygro mat stores as much water as 3 cm of soil substrate!

Crane lugs for easy transport

For larger raised beds, crane lugs are advantageous for transporting the vessel. They are placed in the inside corner and are also suitable for fixing woody plants.

Lighting for planter

Lighting can really set the scene for the planter. The LED rail sits on the long side and provides special effects on the terrace or in the garden.

Comparison with other GARTENMETALL® systems

Gartenmetall® offers different systems that can also be used as retaining walls or raised beds. Here is a comparison of the systems:

Example_plant trough

1) Planters TERRESTA as a raised bed or retaining wall.


  • Not designed to withstand earth pressure forces.
  • Designed for planters. For longer planters stability occurs only by bracing with opposite wall
  • Width up to maximum 200 cm
  • Heights optimal from 30 cm to 90 cm


  • Inexpensive design with flexible modular system
  • Simple structure
  • Assembly of earth retaining walls possible without heavy equipment


  • Requires opposite wall

2) Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA as raised bed or retaining wall


  • Stable design so that comparatively large forces can be absorbed
  • Relatively complex construction with high material requirements
  • Heights optimal from 30 cm to 50 cm, maximum up to 90 cm


  • Inherently stable construction for large raised beds and long retaining walls
  • Construction of inherently stable earth retaining walls without auxiliary construction


  • High material costs, thus comparatively high manufacturing costs
Example_earth wall

3) Wall facing MAURESTA with L-stones as a raised bed.


  • Well-known system and high stability due to use of standard components (L bricks)
  • Combination of L-stones and additional optical cladding
  • Heights optimal from 50 cm to over 180 cm


  • Can be designed for all earth pressure forces due to stable substructure
  • Simple design and mounting via L-bracket
  • Standard goods – not custom made


  • Not practical to use for smaller planters

4) Path border strips EASY-LINER as raised beds


  • Designed for long lengths and areas
  • Heights up to maximum 30 cm


  • Simple and flexible design and assembly
  • Almost any shape can be implemented, radii also possible
  • Favorable up to heights of 30 cm


  • Only low installation height up to a maximum of 30 cm can be realized

Everything important at a glance.


Information material

Technical product info
TERRESTA planters

Tender template
TERRESTA planters

Assembly and maintenance instructions EARTH

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