Feuerelement TROJA von Gartenmetall


At the market leader with its own production

Garden objects and street furniture
made of metal by Gartenmetall®
Gartentreppe SCALA und Wassertrog mit Brunneneinlauf von gartenmetall


At the market leader with its own production

Garden objects and street furniture
made of metal by Gartenmetall®
Gartentreppen SCALA als Einzelstufen von Gartenmetall


At the market leader with its own production

Garden objects and street furniture
made of metal by Gartenmetall®

Metal objects with a support function

The modeling and structuring of the terrain is often required or desired when creating a new garden or park. With metal objects such as earth retaining walls, stair systems, raised beds and path delimitation tapes, results can be achieved quickly and visually and technically. On the following pages you will find an overview of our metal objects from the SOIL category, with which every garden gets a new face.











Available surfaces

for the SOIL category

All metal objects from the SOIL category are available in a stainless steel look made of the characteristic rust-red Corten steel – also known as weatherproof structural steel – which, with its lively patina, blends in particularly well with a natural environment. Our stainless steel objects are made of stainless steel V4A and all edges are rounded and ground. For color-coated objects, we use stainless steel of quality V2A as the basic material and leave you spoiled for choice in terms of color from a large number of RAL and DB colors. For objects that have to fulfill a purely technical function, we offer hot-dip galvanizing of the garden objects as a cost-effective process. This technical process is only used for corrosion protection and is suitable, for example, for path edging strips.

A solid framework

for your plants

With the modular TERRESTA system from Gartenmetall®, you can produce planters and raised beds in almost any size. Thanks to the stable and solid design, these systems are of very high quality and have a long service life. The planters are suitable for terraces, balconies and in the garden. In addition, different heights can also be intercepted in a fall-proof manner.

Our RONDA plant rings made of metal have been specially developed for free-standing tree borders. Due to the round shape and the surrounding edge, the ring is very stable and can be built up to a height of almost one meter.

Cope with different heights with

earth retaining walls

If different heights have to be intercepted in the garden or terrain has to be terraced, classic concrete walls, L-stone walls or – much more complex – dry stone walls are used. In comparison, earth retaining walls made of metal give the garden a modern character. They require considerably less installation space and can be easily screwed in place and anchored in the ground. Due to the lower weight, heavy equipment can be avoided in many cases during installation. This saves money and prevents unnecessary soil compaction in the rest of the garden. With the earth retaining walls TERRA PALA made of metal, you can absorb heights of up to one meter, depending on the nature of the ground, the load and the installation situation. The massive earth retaining wall absorbs the slope and embankment forces and thus ensures permanent stability in the open space.


wall facings and stair systems

In the case of higher jumps in the terrain, we recommend that you first intercept the different terrain levels with classic L-stones or wall washers. These retaining walls can then be clad with our innovative and proven steel blinding system MAURESTA made of high-quality metal. Existing walls that have become unsightly over the years can also be elegantly concealed and given the look of a solid wall made of Corten steel or stainless steel. This system can be installed quickly and easily by any horticulturist and landscaper and is significantly more cost-effective than earth retaining walls made of solid metal. The MAURESTA steel blinding is constructed in such a way that no screws are visible from the front after installation. It creates the impression of a massive earth retaining wall made of metal.

Gartenmetall® also has a wide range of individual steps or complete staircases for garden and outdoor stairs – true to the motto “nothing is impossible”! Under the name SCALA we carry step elements made of rust-red and weather-resistant Corten steel as well as high-quality, rust-free stainless steel V4A. The complete staircase CALVI enables quick and uncomplicated installation. Due to the inherent stability, only the entrance and exit need to be attached and the spaces between them filled with suitable filling material. Thanks to the foundations, subsidence in the ground cannot harm the finished staircase. The thin metal steps give the CORTE self-supporting solid staircase a particularly elegant appearance. With this stair connection, height differences of more than one meter can be overcome in a self-supporting manner. Only the entrance and exit need to be screwed or concreted in.

Edging for paths and gardens – path edging strips, lawn edging and grave borders

The EASY-LINER, ECO-LINER and ECO-FALZ-LINER path edging strips are used both in public areas and in private gardening and are designed in terms of thickness, material and shape to meet the requirements of professional gardening and landscaping. Path edging strips can be used to restructure the garden, border lawns and paths, and edge planting beds. Farm gardens are also very easy to create with individually shaped metal bands. In terms of material, the choice is corten steel, stainless steel, color-coated and hot-dip galvanized steel. Corten steel contains a small amount of copper and has a rough surface. Both in combination make the weatherproof structural steel a real snail deterrent – and the material the first choice for flower and perennial beds. Graves can also be bordered with elements made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated metal. For many years we have been offering the cemetery classic under the product name PALA: grave enclosures with or without bevels. We also have grave and memorial crosses to match, as well as specially made and lasered inscription plates made of the same material: Corten steel with a stainless steel look.