Cortenstahl-Oberfläche, dunkler

Sheet metal cutting

corten steel

For metalworkers and do-it-yourselfer

As we buy corten steel in large quantities, we can mostly provide sheet metal cutting at a very reasonable price. Not only our customers profit from that but also small steel traders and many locksmiths who purchase corten steel from us. We therefore offer individual pre-cut parts or complete CORTEN sheet panels for further processing.

Caution when welding corten steel!

Caution! When welding the pre-cut parts be sure to use the correct weld metal. Commonly used welding rod oxidizes in combination with weathering steel (corten steel). This oxidation happens because the normal welding rods have a lower corrosion resistance than corten steel. Always use the specific corten steel welding rod. On request we offer small amounts of specific corten steel welding electrodes for the use on site.

Nearly everything ex stock...

Large scale steel sheets 3,000 x 1,500 mm² (≈9.8 ft x 4.9 ft) in a material thickness of 2 mm (≈0.08 in), 3 mm (≈0.12 in), 4 mm (≈0.16 in), 5 mm (≈0.2 in), 6 mm (≈0.24 in), 8 mm (≈0.31 in), 10 mm (≈0.39 in) and 12 mm (≈0.47 in). On demand we can also deliver corten steel metal sheets in a material thickness of 15 mm (≈0.59 in) and 20 mm (≈0.79 in). Ex factory all metal sheets are rolled blanc, optically steel-grey. If you want them to look differently we can pre-oxidize them or you can make use of our proven 24h-rust-method, using our special SUPER RUST-pads.

Price for metal plates and sheets

We successfully do job order production for locksmiths, metalworkers and constructors. For laser cutting we need a .dxf file. If you do not have one we can – with costs – generate one from your pdf-file or your freehand scetch. Send us your request: You will get an offer by our sales team.