POSTALE Package box – practical and easy to use

Anyone who is often out of the house during the day knows the problem: The package delivery man arrives and no one is there. The package then ends up back at the post office, where it can be collected the next day at the earliest. Our spacious metal package box with two separately operated compartments as standard offers the ideal solution. Each package compartment can be equipped on site with a special “package compartment lock” that is opened once by the package delivery person. After closing the door, the compartment can only be opened with a key or keycard – the package is therefore stored in a theft-proof manner. This is how modern, private package acceptance works today! The spacious boxes are characterised by a solid construction, individual manufacturing and a high-quality finish. They are classically available in rust-red Corten steel, inrotex-ground stainless steel or colour-coated stainless steel in all RAL or DB colour shades. Made by Gartenmetall®.

POSTALE package box made of corten steel
Package box with two compartments and special package lock (on-site).
Open 24 hours before delivery and then securely closed until the package is removed.

POSTALE Package boxes - Properties

The high-quality package box is equipped with two compartments as standard – four compartments are available on request. Each parcel compartment can be equipped with a special “parcel compartment lock”. This must be installed on site and can be connected to the house’s locking system, for example. The individual compartments are designed for packages up to a maximum of 480x580x380 mm. The doors are smooth-running and open to the right as standard. As an option, the metal boxes can also be equipped with a plant roof that can be planted and a door with a perforated grid for visual relief and better ventilation.

Operating the package compartments

Our package box is a special mailbox that can be used to receive and send packages and parcels at the same time. The principle is similar to that of a packing station. The individual compartments of the sturdy metal box can only be opened by the recipient and the delivery person using a key or chip card. Once the package has been deposited, the goods are protected from unauthorised access until the owner or the package carrier removes them. This means that you can also receive and even send shipping items in your absence.

Graphic package box Postale
READY for parcels (24 hours) – DELIVERY: open, fill, close – REMOVAL with key or key card

Accessories and options for POSTALE package boxes

With the following options, you can customise your package box exactly to your needs. Just tell us the number of parcel compartments you want and the opening direction of the doors. We are also happy to manufacture a stainless steel name plate including name engraving, which is recessed flush into the door leaf.

    • Door hinge DIN right (standard) or DIN left
    • 2 or 4 parcel compartments, also with different heights
    • 2x stainless steel nameplate, dimensions: 80 mm x 20 mm x 3 mm, incl. Name engraving, 1x without engraving
    • Greenable flat roof as for trash can boxes
    • Door perforation pattern as for trash can boxes
Name plate package box
Name plates for POSTALE package box
POSTALE package box, various opening directions according to DIN
Package box with doors opening direction DIN right (standard) and DIN left

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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Technical product info / Assembly instructions

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