Spiral herb planter

Spiral herb planters made of high quality metal

A favorite object for amateur gardeners and cooks: solid and high-quality herb spirals are spiral metal elements that taper towards the top. The entire structure is kept very open and provides plenty of space for planting. The choice of flowers, herbs or other decorative elements is entirely up to you. Towards the bottom the spiral is in contact with the ground. So deep-rooted plants not only find water and nutrients in the substrate of the herb spiral but can also “tap” the topsoil. This reduces the watering intervals, among other things. More ideas from the category GARDENOBJECTS you can find here.

Different sizes of the spiral herb planters made of metal

The herb spiral from our selection is available in its basic form in the following sizes: 800 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,800 mm and 2,400 mm. The largest spiral thereby almost resembles a herb bed and offers space for numerous plants incl. Vegetable seedlings. The metal in itself already ensures a very stable construction due to its properties but it is additionally supported by invisible cross struts inside. The spiral shape creates several levels in a fluid way, separated by the metal walls but connected with each other.

Kräuterspirale aus Cortenstahl, Durchmesser 800 mm
Spiral herb planter ø800 mm
Kräuterspirale aus Cortenstahl, Durchmesser 1000 mm
Spiral herb planter ø1.000 mm
Kräuterspirale aus Cortenstahl, Durchmesser 1200 mm
Spiral herb planter ø1.200 mm

Different materials of the spiral herb planter made of metal

The herb spirals are made of elegant Corten steel which is characterized by its rust color and special weather resistance. Alternatively the spirals are available in rotex-ground or color-coated stainless steel. You are free to make the final selection based on the location and purpose of use. Furthermore we are at your disposal for any questions regarding dimensions and special designs.

Kräuterspirale Cortenstahl
Spiral herb planter made of corten steel
Kräuterspirale Edelstahl
Spiral herb planter made of stainless steel
Kräuterspirale farbbeschichtet
Spiral herb planter made of color coated stainless steel

How to use the herb spiral?

Herb spiral is a real eye-catcher, which in any case will become a favorite object in the garden. The structure can be placed in a rock garden as well as in the midst of overgrown greenery. You can plant the spiral classic herbs such as rosemary, thyme and basil. But also as a colorful eye-catcher with flowers or low perennials, the spiral is a great metal garden object.

By the way, did you know that corten steel is an impossible obstacle for snails? Rust contains small amounts of copper but it is sufficient to prevent snails from crawling further. This results in the ideal application as a spiral of herbs or flowers.

Kräuterspirale aus Cortenstahl, klassisch bepflanzt
HERBA spiral herb planter, typically planted
Kräuterspirale aus Cortenstahl, mit Blumen bepflanzt
Flower spiral as a colorful eye-catcher

Unusual use of herb spirals

Can the herb spiral be used for other purposes? In fact, the metal spiral can serve as a decorative object or even a tool for sports activities. If the spiral is designed as a ramp with a flat but ascending surface it can even be placed on a golf course and create a tricky obstacle. What exactly you fill the spiral with and how you stage it ultimately depends on your creativity. We hope you enjoy experimenting!

Corten steel herb spiral, as an obstacle on a mini golf course
Source: TrendSport GmbH, André Dirnberger, 84184 Tiefenbach, Germany

VIDEO – HERBA spiral herb planter bed as a planting bed

Spiral herb planter HERBA from Gartenmetall®
Herb spirals are a favorite among amateur gardeners and cooks: the solid spirals made of high-quality metal from Gartenmetall® offer plenty of space for herbs and flowers. Towards the bottom the curved elements made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated metal are open, so that rainwater can run off and the plants find enough root space.


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A
Example metal surface: color-coated according to RAL
Color-coated Stainless Steel
according to RAL or DB
material number: 1.4301, V2A

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