RAILINGS - for your garden


Railings for your garden - installation without welding

In gardens there often is a need for fall protection devices and hand rails. In that context even plant troughs can be framed with railings. According to DIN 18065 for stairs and railings and according to local regulations like the Landesbauordnungen (LBO) in Germany there have to be fall protection devices for any height over 1.0 m (≈ 3.28 ft). That also applies to raised beds higher than 90 cm (≈ 35.43 in), that are used as a fall protection device.

For many years we have offered plug-in railing elements with round posts, made from stainless steel, system BUNIA. In the private area this system works perfectly as it can mostly be installed easily and without a need for welding parts.
In the public sector, however, the requirements concerning stability and stiffness are much higher, leading to the development of our system LAVAL. The typical surfaces of these posts are corten steel or stainless steel. The handrail, however, is always sanded stainless steel.

Railing BUNIA

Railing, made from stainless steel, using round posts

Edelstahlpfosten mit Bodenplatte

Post, made from stainless steel, base plate included

Edelstahlpfosten mit 4x Querstäben

Post, made from stainless steel, 4 cross bars

Edelstahlpfosten auf Pflanztrog montiert  mit 2x Querstäben

Post, made from stainless steel, mounted on a plant trough, 2 cross bars

Railing LAVAL

Handrail, made from stainless steel, using flat bars
The possibilities for web bracing between the posts are nearly indefinite.
The following variants are especially popular:

Flachpfosten mit Grundplatte

Flat bar with base plate

Flachpfosten mit Querstäben

Flat bar with cross bars

Flachpfosten mit Glasscheibe oder Lochblech

Flat bar with glass panel or perforated plate

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available