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Garden doors system PORTA

People like to enter here: The garden door system PORTA from Gartenmetall® provides a friendly welcome already in the front garden. With metal garden doors you can create a privacy screen but also a very individual welcome for residents and guests.

Metal garden doors, available in two standard heights, can be combined with fence elements, CASA mailbox columns and dustbin boxes to create a harmonious house entrance ensemble.

The garden doors of the PORTA series in the standard version (type 1) consist of a closed door leaf which is mounted between two metal posts. The front and back are visually identical. In type 2 the door leaf is built as a supporting frame construction and the frame is visible on the back side. The door leaf can be individualized with motifs such as house numbers or names: either applied e.g. made of stainless steel or lasered out.

As accessories we offer door fittings with handle set or knob, locks, handle bars, electric door openers and support wheels for swing doors. Door locks are installed on site. The garden doors are available in standard sizes 900 x 1,000 mm and 1,800 x 1,000 mm. We are happy to implement special dimensions!

The most important characteristics of the garden gates are:

PORTA garden doors, different heights
    • Flexible in height and width
    • Material: Corten steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, stainless steel or stainless steel color coated
    • High-quality manufacturing and laser cutting quality “made in Germany”
    • Opening and stop direction freely selectable
    • Various options for door, lock, handles and door stop
    • Individual motifs and house numbers can be created by laser

Structure PORTA garden doors

Our garden door models PORTA are available in standard heights of 90 cm and 180 cm and in both cases with a standard width of 100 cm. The door leaf is normally closed and the support posts are intended to be set in concrete. The delivery includes a galvanized lock case, door fittings and a handle set in stainless steel. The cylinder lock must be installed by the customer.

On customer’s request the door leaf can also be provided with lasered house numbers, with individual motifs, motifs from our VISTA series or other individual lettering.

PORTA garden doors and retaining posts in two heights
Garden doors and support posts PORTA in two heights and with different motifs

Garden doors system PORTA - different types

PORTA garden doors are available in standard heights of 1,800 mm and 900 mm, as well as in two different designs: with a closed door leaf, where the front and back are identical and in a variant with a supporting frame construction. The front is closed here and the frame is visible on the back. This variant is particularly suitable for laser-cut motifs.

Garden doors system PORTA, type 1
Type 1: Basic module with closed door leaf,
Front and back closed and visually identical
Garden doors system PORTA, type 2, back side with visible frame
Type 2: Basic module, support frame construction
backside with visible frame

Garden doors PORTA with motifs

The garden doors can be customized in different ways with motifs. The following options are available with the PORTA system:

Motif applied, back side closed, welded
The motifs such as house number, name or logo are cut out of stainless steel and mounted on the door leaf of the garden door with a small distance.

PORTA garden doors with motif, variant 1

Motif laser-cut, back closed, welded
The motifs are laser-cut into the door leaf and then the cutouts are backed with stainless steel from the inside and welded in tightly. This means that the back of the door leaf can also be welded up.

PORTA garden doors with motif, variant 2

Motive lasered out, back closed, screwed
The motifs are laser-cut into the door leaf and then the cutouts are backed from the inside with color-coated stainless steel or acrylic glass. The color-coated stainless steel is stably screwed from the inside with welding studs. In this case, the back of the door leaf must be screwed. The same applies to motifs which are backed with acrylic glass.

PORTA garden doors with motif, variant 3

Motif lasered out, back of door open
Only for door leaf with support frame construction: View from front visually closed. Open from the back to allow light to shine through the laser-cut opening. Distance between motif and door edge min. 100 mm each. Note: the motif is visible on the reverse side in mirror image.

PORTA garden doors with motif, variant 4

PORTA garden door as a wing door

When combining two doors (wing door and main door) we supply a bottom slide for the wing door instead of the handle set. It can be installed between two existing walls for example.

PORTA garden door as a wing door

PORTA garden door - dimensions

Below you can see the dimensions of our garden doors PORTA:

Dimensions garden door PORTA
Dimension PORTA garden door
    • Variant A: Door leaf with two posts
    • Variant B: Door leaf with hinge fastening (2x) to posts outside and lock stop
    • Variant C: Door leaf with hinge fastening (2x) to post inside and lock stop
PORTA garden doors: dimensions with retaining posts and mounting kit
Dimensions for different mounting situations

PORTA garden door - opening direction according to DIN standard

The following overview will help you to ensure that the door can later be opened in your desired direction:

Opening direction garden door PORTA
Opening direction for single-leaf doors
Opening direction of garden door PORTA for swing doors
Opening direction for moving leaf doors

Door handle options for garden door PORTA

For your very individual requirements, we offer several variants of how to open and close the garden door. We supply a door fitting with a handle on both sides as standard.

Door fitting consisting of handle set on both sides and lock cover. Cylinder lock on site. Material stainless steel.

Door fitting with handle set

Door fitting consisting of single-sided handle set, cranked knob and lock cover. Cylinder lock on site.

Türbeschlag mit Drückergarnitur und Knauf

Door with sliding bolt instead of lock fitting. With latch function, so that the slide bolt position is held in the respective end position.

Door fitting with sliding bolt

Additional stainless steel handle bar, vertical mounted, mounting in addition to the door fitting. Material: stainless steel grinded.

Handle bar PORTA

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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