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Outdoor kitchens made from metal

Exclusive outdoor kitchens are the highlight of any garden and are very trendy these days. The ELBA and IBIZA outdoor kitchens from Gartenmetall® are modeled on high-quality built-in kitchens except that they have been specially designed for outdoor use in terms of material and robustness. So nothing can stop you from celebrating with family, friends or colleagues and everybody will definitely be impressed!

Gartenmetall® designs, creates and manufactures the modular kitchens with metal cabinet elements in-house. Therefore the dimensions, division of the cabinet modules and setup easily can be changed. In terms of material the customer can choose between rust-red Corten steel, rotex-ground stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel and for the countertops between fine natural stone, stainless steel or glass ceramic. Options can be added to the kitchen with various additional elements: Stainless steel gas grill, sink, fridge and dustbin are just some of the elements that Gartenmetall® offers as an addition.

Two different outdoor kitchens for different requirements

There are countless options and variations in planning a customized outdoor kitchen. In order to come as close as possible to the wishes of the customers, we offer two basically different kitchen construction concepts: The ELBA model and the IBIZA model.

Both models have in common that the cabinet modules are made of solid, weather-resistant and durable Corten steel or stainless steel.
To differentiate: ELBA is our ready-assembled, high-quality outdoor kitchen with “push-to-open” function of the cabinet pull-outs. It is quickly set up and extra robust. IBIZA is built as a modular kitchen and equipped with hinged doors. Fridges and dustbins can also be integrated here which is not possible with ELBA. A combination of both systems is technically not intended.
Before each production start of an individual kitchen we always create a meaningful 3D release drawing with all details. Alternatively to a individual design there are popular combinations pre-built.

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Comparison of outdoor kitchen models - structure and technology

Outdoor kitchen ELBA

Outdoor kitchen IBIZA

Cabinet design and technology

  • Base cabinets are always equipped with large‐volume cabinet pull‐outs with high‐quality push‐to‐open fittings. Where technically possible, a further drawer is installed at the top, also with push‐to‐open fittings.
  • The delivery always takes place as a complete module in monoblock construction. This means that the installation can be planned with a relatively high dead weight (up to over 400 kg).

Cabinet design and technology

  • Base cabinets are equipped either with or without magnetically closing hinged doors.
  • High variety of variants, as construction with individual cabinet modules that are screwed together on site. Easier construction.

Available built‐in gas barbecues

  • As a built‐in gas barbecue can be used only devices with operation from the top.
    Built-in gas grill for outdoor kitchenInstallation outdoor kitchen gas grill open

Available built‐in gas barbecues

  • Many common built‐in gas barbecues can be integrated

    Outdoor kitchen gas grill for outdoor kitchen IBIZAOutdoor kitchen gas grill for outdoor kitchen IBIZA

Available options

  • Additional interior drawer in the large‐volume drawer pulls with high‐quality push‐to‐open fittings
  • Built‐in sink and water tap
  • Integrated LED illumination rail in the skirting area
  • Built‐in gas barbecue ONLY with operation from the top
  • Kitchen countertop can be freely selected
  • To remove the kitchen from the transport wooden frame, it is recommended to use the set‐up kit
  • Special dimensions possible

Available options

  • Additional interior drawer with high‐quality
    push‐to‐open fittings
  • Shelf between and inside the cabinet modules
  • Built‐in sink and water tap
  • Integrated LED illumination rail in the skirting area
  • Built‐in gas barbecue according to the customer’s wishes
  • Kitchen countertop can be freely chosen
  • Set of casters for the base cabinets instead of adjustable feet (with natural stone countertop even the kitchen IBIZA becomes too heavy)
  • Matching cabinet module with outdoor fridge
  • Dustbin insert to pull out behind the hinged doors
  • Special dimensions possible


  • The integration of an outdoor fridge is only possible as a side dish, if necessary with optical enclosure.
  • Integration of built‐in gas barbecues with operation from the front is not possible.
  • Placing the kitchen on castors is not planned, as the total weight is too high and thus the point load on the castors and floor.


  • No combination with outdoor kitchen ELBA possible.
  • No push‐to‐open function and such large volume drawer pulls as the kitchen ELBA.


  • Higher price level due to solid construction and particularly convenient operation with high‐quality hardware elements. Low assembly effort on site, as complete module.


  • Lower price level, as simpler assembly due to cabinet modules and lighter construction. Attention: Additional assembly effort when assembling the individual cabinet modules on site.

Gallery outdoor kitchen ELBA

Gallery outdoor kitchen IBIZA

Kitchen counter

Only the right kitchen countertop creates the perfect outdoor kitchen. We offer all variants: from sealed corten steel, stainless steel, natural stone to glass ceramic. As an protrusion, dimensions from 10 mm to over 40 mm are practical.

Kitchen countertop granite
Natural stone countertop
Kitchen countertop stainless steel
Stainless steel countertop
Kitchen countertop corten steel
Corten steel countertop

Options for outdoor kitchens

For example the kitchen can be supplemented individually with the following options:

  • Additional internal drawer in the extendable drawers
  • Revolving door instead of cabinet pullout
  • Wing door instead of cabinet pullout
  • Built-in gas grill
  • Outdoor fridge (integrated only in IBIZA)
  • Dustbin insert to pull out
  • LED lighting rail
  • Roller set (only for IBIZA)
  • Skirting boards
  • Corner module
  • Intermediate shelf…
Outdoor kitchen overview options

Surface Treatment

Due to its outdoor location, the outdoor kitchen is freely exposed to the weather conditions. Rain, polluted air and bird droppings also form buildups that need to be removed on a regular basis. We recommend the following products for sealing and maintenance of the kitchen:

  • To seal the corten steel surfaces, the surface can be treated with ROST-PROTECT®. For more information, click here: ROST-PROTECT®
  • The mild cleaning milk is suitable for cleaning and care of the stainless steel surfaces STAINLESS STEEL CARE.

Outdoor kitchen made of metal from Gartenmetall – enjoy life

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