Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens Made from Metal

Gartenmetall® drafts, designs and manufactures individual outdoor kitchens with drawer elements made from metal and noble kitchen counters made from natural stone, metal or ceramic glass.
You decide on size, spatial division and structure of elements. Before the start of the production a meaningful 3D-release drawing with all individual details is generated. Alternatively there are popular combinations that one can choose from which are already prefabricated.


Especially popular combinations, prefabricated and ready-made for installation. With integrated back wall, feet adjustable in height and base rail. Delivery with 30 mm (≈ 1.18 in) kitchen counter made from high quality granite “NERO ASSOLUTO“. Working height about 870 mm (≈ 34.25 in). Every floor cupboard is fully equipped with one extractable drawer with damping and self-closing feature. Drawers are positioned where it is possible. High grade built-in gas barbecue made from stainless steel, can be used with or without hood for cooking and simmering. Cast cooking grate area, thermometer with four powerful stainless steel burners, can be individually regulated. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Gartenküche ELBA
Gartenküche ELBA

Outdoor kitchen ELBA made from corten steel – with two or three floor cupboards. Equipped with gas barbecue made from stainless steel, sink and water tap

Built-in Gas Barbecue

Professional gas barbecue including a hood to cover and simmer food as well as a thermometer with 4 powerful stainless steel burners, which can be regulated individually. Electronic battery ignition, machine for flame failure fuse. 2 high quality cast cooking grates (210 x 435 mm² ≈ 8.27 in x 17.13 in²), 1 cast Teppanyaki cooking grate (420 x 435 mm² ≈ 16.54 x 17.13 in²) and 1 warming rack. Total grill area about 804 x 435 mm² ( ≈ 31.65 x 17.13 in²).
Large, extractable grease collection tray for easy cleaning, nearly all elements can be cleaned in a normal dishwasher. High standard manufacturing and functionality. On request also available for domestic gas.

Einbau-Gasgrill für Gartenküche

Professional built-in gas barbecue with hood to cover and simmer, thermometer, 4 burners made from stainless steel, 2 cast cooking grates und 1 grill plate.

Built-in Sink

Round sink and water tap made from stainless steel, already installed into the kitchen counter according to model draft.

Spuelbecken für Gartenküche

Sink and water tap made from stainless steel

Kitchen Counter

Only the right kitchen counter perfects an outdoor kitchen. We offer all variants from popular black to rather insensitive natural stone or ceramic glass, stainless steel or unsealed corten steel.
Note: The spared parts that have to be taken into account for the production are already included in the price for the installation object.

Arbeitsplatte für Gartenküche

Kitchen counter made from black granite “NERO ASSOLUTO”


The kitchen can e.g. be supplemented with the following options

  • Additional extendable drawers
  • Revolving door instead of extendable drawers
  • Wing door instead of extendable drawers
  • LED-illumination rack
  • Kitchen counter made from natural stone or metal

Surface Treatment

Outdoor kitchens are directly imposed to weather conditions. Rain, polluted air or bird droppings cause stains, that have to be removed regularly. The following tools are suitable for sealing and preserving the kitchen:

  • In order to seal surfaces made from corten steel, the surface can be treated with ROST-PROTECT. For more information see ROST-PROTECT®
  • In order to clean and care for the surfaces made from stainless steel, the following cleansing milk is suitable STAINLESS-STEEL-CARE.