CORA - Decorative Post with Motif


Decorative Post with Motif

The decorative posts CORA have an important impact on interior design and decoration. On request we offer a broad range of individual messages like lettering, company or club logos or house numbers. The CORA floor stand is ideal for your next fair, your model garden or your foyer. Have you ever thought of presenting your logo or name this way?

Die Motivstelen CORA gestalten Räume und regen zum Nachdenken an

Motifs CORA

The standard size for garden and other posts is:
height 1.380 mm (≈ 54.33 in), width 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) and depth 15 mm (≈0.59 in)

Sharp edges are removed on both sides in a C-like-form. This is done for all decorative posts, for stability and for a better look. Customized posts are possible as far as size and motif is concerned. Please let us know about your wishes, ideas, sketches and dimensions.

Motive CORA Standardmaße für Garten- und Wortstelen


The decorative posts have to be stuck or pounded into the ground for at least 200 mm (≈ 7.87 in), depending on the geotechnics. In case of higher strain as e.g. caused by wind, the posts should additionally be fixed by using punctual foundation.

Die Montage der Motivstelen

VfB Stuttgart-Post

For fans of the soccer club “VfB Stuttgart” we offer the decorative post CORA with the original VfB-Logo. For detailed information and more VfB-objects please click here: VfB Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart-Stele

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available