CASA - Mailboxes


Mailbox and Entrance Posts

Every house needs a mailbox. With free-standing mailbox posts and communication columns this need can be met in a modern and elegant way. Every post is produced according to your wishes and your order.

Technical Details

The mailbox post has to be embedded in concrete about 50 cm (≈ 19.69 in) deep.

Briefkastenstele Technikdetails

Mailbox CASA front and back with various options

Free-standing Mailbox CASA

The free-standing mailbox post CASA is available in different heights, depths, with or without house numbers. It can be opened at the back. It is meant to be embedded in concrete.

Freistehende Briefkastenstele CASA

Example: Mailbox CASA with options

Beispiel Briefkastenstele CASA mit Optionen

Example: Mailbox as a post, color-coated in anthracite (RAL 7016), can be opened at the front; parcel compartment, newspaper compartment and video intercom.


Every mailbox post and communication column is individually planned and produced. That is why many add-ons are possible:

  • bell button in stainless steel
  • name plate in stainless steel
  • spared parts for the installation of loudspeaker, illumination of push buttons, finger scanner, motion sensor and video-observance
  • Street or family name in stainless steel, attached
  • Integrated newspaper compartment
  • Two and more mail slot flaps, with central collection area
  • Parcel compartment
  • Letters can be taken out from the front instead of from the back
  • LED-illumination of the house number
  • Installation on foundation, to be bolted
CASA mit integriertem Zeitungsfach

CASA with integrated newspaper compartment

Briefkastenstelen Casa

CASA with multiple mailbox, door bell and name plate

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available