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Mailbox post

Mailbox and communication posts made of metal

With the mailbox steles from Gartenmetall® ou not only make life easier for the postman and parcel carrier. The modern home entrance posts can do much more than just store letters and parcels:  Equipped with a bell button or finger scan, speaker and camera, they can contribute to home monitoring and therefore provide additional security. Each mailbox post is made to order according to your wishes: in material, dimension and equipment. We will be happy to advise you!

In terms of material, the communication post is made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel and in three standard heights and two standard depths. Combined with fence elementsGarden door PORTA and/or boxes for trash cans, it becomes a harmonious ensemble. More ideas from the category GARDENOBJECTS you can find here.

Mailbox post CASA

Technical structure of the mailbox and communication posts

The freestanding post boxes can be customized in terms of features and size to meet the individual needs of the building owners. Standard mailbox posts are equipped with a mailbox flap and a lockable removal door either from the back or from the front. The entire letter collection area is completely lined on the inside with stainless steel in all surfaces to protect the letter items. Space for a nameplate is prepared on the flap. CASA elements are designed to be set in concrete, setting depth approx. 40 cm.

We have set the following dimensions as the standard dimensions for the posts:

    • Height: 1,000 mm, 1,600 mm and 2,000 mm
    • Width: 470 mm
    • Depth: 180 mm and 400 mm

Four examples of mailbox posts CASA with different equipment

Mailbox post CASA

Mailbox posts with house numbers, newspaper compartment and mailbox and parcel compartment.
Height 2.000 mm, width 470 mm and depth 180 mm resp. 400 mm

Mailbox post CASA

Mailbox posts with mailbox and parcel compartment, breakout for installation of speaker, bell, lighting and fingerscan.
Height 1,600 mm or 2,000 mm, width 670 mm (special) or 470 mm and depth 180 mm or 400 mm

Mounting options CASA mailbox post

The mailbox pedestal can be anchored firmly in the ground or on a stable base in various ways. Furthermore it is also possible to screw the mailbox to the wall of the house.

CASA , base to set in concrete
Mounting for embedding in concrete extension of length by approx. 400 mm
CASA , base to screw outside
Mounting for bolting down with fixing boreholes on the outside
CASA , base to screw inside
Mounting for bolting down with fixing boreholes on the inside
CASA mailbox for wall mounting
Mounting on wall,
Delivery incl. Mounting plate

Options and accessories for mailbox post CASA

Each mailbox and communication post is individually designed and manufactured. Therefore many extensions and combinations are possible:

    • House numbers, street and family name in surface laser cut and backed with stainless steel or acrylic glass. Optional: stainless steel lettering applied to surface
    • LED lighting of the house number from the inside
    • Cutouts for installing electrical elements such as speakers, buttons for lighting, finger scanner, motion sensor or video monitoring unit (elements on-site)
    • Bell push button in stainless steel
    • Stainless steel name tags
    • Stainless steel newspaper compartment, on request with rotatable cover flap against rain
    • Position of unloading door selectable: unloading from the front or from the back
    • Package compartment, lined with stainless steel, prepared for package compartment lock (on-site)
Mailbox columns CASA with integrated newspaper compartment
CASA with newspaper tube
Mailbox columns CASA with integrated newspaper box, bell button and loudspeaker
CASA with bell button, speaker and newspaper tube

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

Information Material

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Technical product info / Assembly instructions
CASA mailbox post

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TENDER TEMPLATE for metal garden objects and street furniture

Tender template
CASA mailbox post

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