Boxes for
trash cans and bikes

Boxes for trash cans and bikes made of metal

Everyone knows the problem in the entrance area: garbage cans, bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, brooms, shoes, children’s toys, etc. should be kept out of direct view. The boxes for trash cans and bikes from Gartenmetall® can solve this problem while significantly improving the appearance of the entrance area.

We offer two different trash can systems with a fit for all standard trash cans: The ZITTAU trash can box is designed as a single or double box with classic hinged doors. More convenient to use and much more spacious are our XANTEN boxes for trash can and bikes which can be easily opened and closed with sliding doors. Here even bulky bikes find a weather-protected place to stay! The boxes are available in rust-red corten steel, rotex-ground stainless steel and color-coated stainless steel in DB and RAL color shades.

All boxes from Gartenmetall® are characterized by solid construction, individual manufacturing as well as stable and excellent workmanship. Special designs are possible at any time.

XANTEN bin and bicycle box with sliding doors, made of Corten steel
Easy operation of the trash can and bicycle box XANTEN with sliding doors.

In addition, we offer matching mailbox posts CASA, garden doors PORTA and fencing systems, so that you have everything from a single source. All elements are coordinated in terms of material and construction. More ideas from the category GARDENOBJECTS you can find here.

Boxes for trash cans and bikes XANTEN with sliding doors

This is a very sturdy box for the entrance area to store (several) garbage cans, bicycles or other utensils. The box is opened and closed with sliding doors which are easy to operate thanks to the ingenious rail system. Furthermore, the sliding doors ensure that there are no rails in the chest area to get in the way during filling and making the contents easily accessible. A turning knob for opening and closing is included in the scope of delivery. This is prepared for a standard cylinder lock which can be combined with the house locking system if necessary. The cylinder lock must be provided by the customer.

The XANTEN box is available with 2, 3 or 4 sliding doors, each in two different sizes. The smallest box can hold a maximum of two 120 litre bins and the largest box can hold four 240 litre bins or 2 bicycles. The doors are solid as standard but we also offer doors with a perforated plate as an option. This provides good ventilation but also allows rainwater to get inside. Important: The box protects the contents from rainwater but is not completely waterproof due to its design!

The special design of the XANTEN trash can and bicycle boxes and their unique construction is protected at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and provided with a far-reaching design protection. Made by Gartenmetall®. We recommend the support of our service team during installation.

XANTEN trash can box with two sliding doors
XANTEN with 2 sliding doors for max. 2 trash can boxes
XANTEN trash can box with three sliding doors
XANTEN with 3 sliding doors for max. 3 trash can boxes
XANTEN trash can box with four sliding doors
XANTEN with 4 sliding doors for max. 4 trash can boxes

Details trash can box XANTEN

Our XANTEN metal trash can boxes are characterised by numerous well-thought-out details that make them easy to use in everyday life:

Zylinderschloss bei Mülltonnenbox XANTEN
Cylinder lock for secure storage (on-site)
Hook for bicycle helmets with XANTEN trash can box
Practical hooks for helmets and other utensils
Rotary knob for XANTEN trash can box
Rotary knob for easy operation of the doors

Filling Box XANTEN as a bicycle garage

Especially high-quality bikes such as racing bikes and e-bikes should not be left unprotected outdoors. Especially e-bikes are often too heavy to transport into the basement. Therefore our trash can box is the ideal solution as an elegant bicycle garage in the garden or in the house entrance area. The metal bike box can be locked and in addition to protection from the weather also ensures safe storage against theft. For easy handling, two doors can always be pushed open at the same time.

XANTEN Trash Can Box with 4 Doors
4-door boxes offer space for up to four standard trash cans
XANTEN trash can box with 4 doors as bicycle box
Even two bicycles can be easily stored in the large boxes

Trash can box ZITTAU with wing doors

Our classic ZITTAU is a high-quality processed and very stable trash can box which can be used in many different ways than just for bins. The containers have a black, lockable handle for opening and closing the door which can be folded down. Supplied with catch rope and wheel recess for easy handling and convenient filling of the bins. As standard we supply single boxes for 120 litres, 140 litres or 240 litres as well as double boxes for 2x 120 litres, 2x 140 litres or 2x 240 litres. All boxes are completely pre-assembled. The floor is open except for the wheel recess, optionally the container can be screwed to the floor. But this is normally not necessary due to the high weight.

Trash can box ZITTAU as single box made of corten steel
Trash can box ZITTAU as single box made of corten steel
Trash can box ZITTAU as single box
Trash can box ZITTAU as double box made of corten steel
Trash can box ZITTAU as double box

Note: Please mention the opening direction of the door when ordering. As standard, the opening of single boxes is DIN right which means that the axis of rotation is on the right and the door handle on the left.

Options for trash can box ZITTAU

Not all bins are the same: to ensure that your bins are not only stored in an elegant way but also that filling them is easy. We have designed various options for you, e.g. filling from above and emptying from the front. Furthermore, you can also give the functional element a visually appealing makeover, e.g. with perforated sheet metal doors and a greenable flat roof.

Mülltonnenbox ZITTAU mit Drehtüre und begrünbarem Flachdach, farbbeschichteter Edelstahl
Example: ZITTAU trash can box with greenable flat roof in colour-coated stainless steel

Box ZITTAU with perforated metal door

For better ventilation or a more structured look, we offer the trash can boxes with perforated sheet metal doors. But that also allows more moisture to get inside. So please only choose this option if you want to hide bins in it in a visually appealing way.

Trash can box ZITTAU as single box with perforated door made of Corten steel
Trash can box ZITTAU as single box with perforated metal door

Box ZITTAU with greenable flat roof

Instead of a closed flat roof, we also offer the option with a green roof. For this purpose, the edge has been raised by 10 cm so that you can apply enough soil for drought-tolerant plants. The outer dimensions of the containers are the same as for the standard boxes with closed roof. Two holes in the back corners ensure that rainwater or watering water runs off to the inside and seeps into the ground there. To prevent soil from getting inside, we recommend placing a fleece underneath.

Trash can box ZITTAU as single box made of Corten steel, with planting roof
Trash can box ZITTAU with planting roof

Box ZITTAU with hinged lid

The hinged roof is an additional option for boxes with revolving doors and is used for convenient waste filling directly from above. The lid is held in the end position with moment-controlled hinges and damped with gas springs and rubber buffers when opening and closing.

Note: The hinged roof is particularly suitable for taller people. At the customer’s request, it can also be mounted so it can be opened from the back instead of from the front. In this case, it is possible to fill the bin from the side of the house and remove the bin from the side of the street.

Trash can box ZITTAU as single box for filling from above, made of corten steel
Waste bin box ZITTAU with hinged lid for filling from above

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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