Boxes for Trash Cans and Package Delivery

Boxes for Trash Cans and Package Delivery

Everyone knows this problem in the entrance area: trash cans, bikes, buggies, strollers, walking frames, brooms, shoes, toys etc. should be taken out of sight. Or a spacious box for parcel delivery is necessary, if one is not at home. The boxes for trash cans, bikes and package delivery made by Gartenmetall® can solve this problem and noticeably upgrade your entrance area. A solid construction, individual manufacturing as well as firm and excellent processing are typical for all of them. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Mülltonnenboxen mit begrünbarem Dach

Boxes for trash cans on a plantable roof, perforated wing door and arresting cable for 2-bike-trash can. Prepared to be bolted at ground level. Closure for folding lever included.

Boxes for Trash Cans - Advantages

  • Available for all common boxes for trash cans (120 l, 140 l and 240 l).
    Additional sizes on request
  • High-quality processing and laser beam cutting MADE IN GERMANY
  • Delivery ex stock as well as custom made products on request, realizable as delivered directly from the manufacturer
  • Easy installation: All boxes are completely pre-assembled
  • Stable, solid realization with top-quality material

Box for Trash Cans ZITTAU

High-graded and very stable box for trash cans, which can also be used multi-functionally. With premium lockable grip (black), arresting cable included. All boxes are completely pre-assembled.
Available standard size: 120 liter, 140 liter and 240 liter. Many options possible. Made by Gartenmetall®.

Mülltonnenbox ZITTAU 120 Liter

Boxes for Trash Cans ZITTAU 120 liter

Mülltonnenbox ZITTAU 2x120 Liter

Boxes for Trash Cans ZITTAU 2x120 liter

Boxes for Trash Cans ZITTAU Options

  • High-graded, lockable closure for folding lever with boxes for trash cans / lockable boxes for package delivery
  • Plantable roof or “normal” flat roof
  • Mounting option: Prepared to be bolted at ground level
  • Flap for ergonomic use, gas pressure absorbers and rubber buffers
  • Different materials and surfaces available
  • Optional: Wing doors with lasercut perforation
Begrünbares Pflanzdach

 Plantable flat roof

Mülltonne  - Lochmuster in Türe

 Hole Pattern in Door

Mülltonne mit Klappdach

 Box with Flap

Boxes for Trash Cans and Box for Bikes XANTEN with sliding doors

Very stable box for the entrance area in order to store e.g. several boxes for trash cans, bikes or other things. Because of its premium guide rail systems very smooth-running use of sliding doors. Easy access. No inconvenient rail on chest height, which would disturb while emptying trash. The special design and unique construction is patent-registered (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) = German Patent and Trademark Office) and provided with extensive design protection. Delivery with turning knob for opening and closing. Pre-assembled for the use of standard cylinder lock so that it can be combined with your master key system. Cylinder lock has to provided by the customer. Made by Gartenmetall®.

XANTEN mit zwei Schiebetüren für max. 2 Mülltonnen mit 120 Litern

XANTEN with 2 sliding doors, for maximum 2 boxes for trash cans with 120 liters

XANTEN mit drei Schiebetüren für max. 3 Mülltonnen mit 120 Litern

XANTEN with 3 sliding doors, for maximum 3 boxes for trash cans with 120 liters

XANTEN mit vier Schiebetüren für max. 4 Mülltonnen mit 120 Litern oder 2 kleine Fahrräder

XANTEN with 4 sliding doors, for maximum 4 boxes for trash cans with 120 liters or 2 small bikes

Example: Use with Trash Cans or Bikes

4-türige Mülltonnenboxen
Box für zwei kleine Fahrräder

Boxes for Trash Cans with 4 doors offer enough space for either 4 standard trash cans or for up to 2 small bikes.

Box for Package Delivery CLASSIC

High-quality box for package delivery. Every compartment can be separately locked. In that way packages can be delivered all day, no matter if someone is at home. In case of most variants the lock is designed to be opened by the package distributor only once. After the delivery and the closing of the door it can only be opened again by using the appropriate key or keycard.
That is: a modern and convenient way of receiving packages and parcels!

Paketbox mit zwei Fächern und speziellem Paketschloss

Box for Package Delivery with two compartments and a special package lock (by the building contractor).
24 hours open for provision and then sealed until the withdrawal.

System Box for Package Delivery

Box for Package Delivery - Options

  • Name plate, made from stainless steel
  • Plantable flat roof
  • Right-hinged or left-hinged door

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available