Plastic-coated metal

Plastic-Coated Metal

Plastic-coated metal, i.e. special black coated plastic

Black seat finishes are elegant, timeless and go with virtually any style of street furniture. In the case of the particularly stable and robust seat covers, the basic material steel is coated with a high-quality plastic so thickly that a pleasant sitting experience is created.

We have registered the innovative plastic coating for seat finishes as a trademark. It originally comes from the automotive sector, where robust material properties are important. The black plastic is elastic, UV-stable, tear-resistant and temperature-resistant from -50°C to 150°C. This makes the material ideally suited as a surface for benches in public spaces.

Seat cover made of metal with special black plastic coating
Heat insulating, coated seat rest

Plastic surface with metal core - flexibly mouldable and particularly robust

Underneath the black plastic layer lies a core of metal. This base frame gives the surface a lot of stability even under high loads and it makes the seat surface safe against vandalism. An additional advantage: the elastic-plastic properties of metal can be optimally used in shaping. This means that even unusual seat shapes can be realised and nothing stands in the way of your individual bench!

Bench substructure made of stainless steel, seat rest made of black plastic
Semi-circular bench HALLE with plastic-coated steel seat.

Tender text for GaLaBau, for landscape architects and planners

“Plastic-coated stainless steel. Black, UV-resistant, highly tensile, heat insulating plastic, 1-3 mm (≈ 0.39-1.18 in), thick enough to guarantee a comfortable seat experience. Structured surface according to sample.”

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