Plastic-Coated Metal

Plastic-Coated Metal

Plastic-Coated Metal, i.e. Special Black Coated Plastic

Black seat rests are elegant, timeless and fit with practically every style. With these extra stable and robust seat rests the basic material is coated with special plastic, thick enough for a comfortable seat experience.

The highly innovative plastic-coating for seat rests comes from the automotive sector. It is elastic, UV-resistant, especially tearproof and suitable for the high requirements in the public sector. The material is temperature-proof between 50°C and 150°C (122°F and 302°F).

We are sure that this special coating will prevail in many public objects. The application of this heat-insulating and robust special coating for outdoor equipment is highly innovative and patented by Gartenmetall®.

Beispiel Sitzauflage

Heat Insulating, Coated Seat Rest

Flexibly Moldable and Specially Robust

The basic material for seat rests remains metal. That makes the seat rests extra stable and safe against vandalism. For the shaping the elastic-plastic properties of metal can be optimally used. It has never been so easy to produce round benches.

Bank-Unterkonstruktion aus Edelstahl, Sitzauflage aus schwarzem Kunststoff

Halfround Bench with Plastic-Coated Seat Rest, made from Steel

Suggestion for Tender Template

“Plastic-coated stainless steel. Black, UV-resistant, highly tensile, heat insulating plastic, 1-3 mm (≈ 0.39-1.18 in), thick enough to guarantee a comfortable seat experience. Structured surface according to sample.”