Cortenstahl-Oberfläche, heller


Metal objects

Material for Metal Garden Objects

and Seat Rests

We only use high-quality material.
But in spite of this fact you will still have to decide which material is best for you and your purposes, as the material has to be chosen according to its look, characteristics and maintenance effort.
You will find all information you need on the following pages. Furthermore we offer a sample folder that you can use for your direct contact with real or prospective clients – for presenting and / or coordinating all metallic surfaces in sample size.
Material Metal/Substruction:

  • corten steel/weathering steel (V4A)
  • color-coated steel (V2A)
  • hot-dip galvanized steel
Mustermappe von Gartenmetall mit verschiedenen Materialien
Hartholz für Sitzauflagen


for Seat Rests:

  • hardwood
  • platic coated metal
  • thermally-modified ash wood