Lounger FELICE for the terrace or public space

With the high-quality garden lounger you can set a resting point on the terrace, in the garden or even in public spaces for example like parks or schoolyards.

The body of the lounger is constructed of a robust metal carcass – either weatherproof structural steel, also called corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel in the color of the client’s choice.

The rest of thelounger is made of a ergonomically shaped slats in the longitudinal direction The special design with the curved slats is provided with a far-reaching design protection under the number 402020201057-0001. The material which is used is the easily moldable and weather-resistant natural fiber compound RESYSTA®. The rest is screwed from below so that no screws are visible.

Corten steel lounger FELICE

Sturdy metal substructure with edged side panels and elegantly curved seat rest made of RESYSTA® – this is how the FELICE lounger invites you to relax.

Weather-resistant reclining surface made of RESYSTA®.

The ergonomically shaped bars made of the natural fiber compound RESYSTA® have a cross-section of 20×70 mm² and are longitudinally adapted to the curve of the metal body. The screw connection of the bars is made from below so no screws are visible on the lying surface. This prevents injuries and also prevents vandalism. The material can be colored on customer’s request and offers countless design possibilities.

Loungers for private or public use - differences in design

The design lounger FELICE is available as a single or double lounger for private and also public areas: for the private garden in widths of 650 mm and 1,200 mm, for the public areas a little bit more comfortable in widths of 750 mm and 1,400 mm.

Since the risk of vandalism is also higher in open areas, the lounger for public squares, parks and schoolyards is made in a more solid sheet thickness and welded tabs for fastening to the ground. So that the lounger can be firmly anchored in one place. As protection against damage, the body is closed with a cover plate from the back.

Lounger FELICE as single lounger, width 650 mm, rest made of RESYSTA®.

Lounger FELICE as double lounger, width 1.200 mm, rest made of RESYSTA®.

Avoid rusting on sensitive surfaces

Corten steel is prone to a certain amount of rust delamination, especially in the first few years. The installation of the lounger should be planned in such a way that rust particles can run off in a defined manner. This can be for example on a grass surface, on gravel or on bark mulch. Therefore, installation directly on the terrace should be done only with stainless steel couches.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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