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List of all image providers and image sources

We regularly receive inquiries from our GaLaBau partner companies as to whether our images can also be used for their own marketing purposes and/or for their own homepage. This is basically possible and also desired, but only after written approval on our part! The images of Gartenmetall® come from various sources, but are in all cases protected by copyright. Send us your image requests. We will then check whether we have the license rights to distribute the respective images. If so, we will release the images to you in writing. There are no costs for you.

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For your safety and ours, do not use images without written permission from the rights holders and follow the guidelines associated with the permission to use. In most cases, the photographer’s name is required, and in the case of images from image databases, an additional, often small license fee and a reference to the source are also required. Image piracy is not a trivial offense and can be very expensive!

Pictures of gardening and landscaping companies and end customers

We would like to thank the following companies and private customers for providing or granting the image rights for this homepage. If, contrary to expectations, your name is not listed, please let us know.

Deffinger gardening and landscaping, 41812 Erkelenz

Gaissmaier GartenLandschaft GmbH & Co.KG, 85356 Freising, Germany
Garden Bronder, 86919 Utting am Ammersee
Garden Grandiflora, gardening and landscaping, 46397 Bocholt
Garden is vacation GmbH, Winter, 93352 Rohr
Garten Krug GmbH, 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
Garden and Landscape Design, Burelbach, 6470 Echternach, Luxembourg
Garden and landscape design, M. Beqiri, 66773 Schwalbach
Garden and landscaping Nissen, 24975 Gremmerup
Horticulture and floristry Höfener, 27259 Varrel
Gartenbau Stier GmbH & Co KG, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Garden design Bernd Hepperle, 73272 Neidlingen, Germany
Garden design Björn Brand, 89079 Ulm, Germany
Garden design landscaping Bieberle, Alfred, AT- 7210 Mattersburg
Garden design Michael, Michael Schmidt, 91099 Poxdorf
Garden design Reinhard Beschta, 86165 Augsburg, Germany
Garden master Matthias Schmiel, 04736 Waldheim-Meinsberg
Geiger’s GmbH, garden design & plant world, 72108 Rottenburg-Kiebingen
Geisler & Trimmel GmbH, AT-6230 Brixlegg
Gerland, Michael, gardening and landscaping, 67454 Hassloch
Glatz, garden and landscaping GmbH, 79348 Freiamt
GOLF absolut – Golfpark Karlsruhe, 76227 Karlsruhe-Hohenwettersbach
, Brigitte, AT-6890 Lustenau
Graves gardening and landscaping, Timmo graves, 72666 Neckartailfingen
Gröning Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH, 73035 Göppingen-Bartenbach (new: Grünraum Schaffer GmbH)
grünStil garden and landscaping, Marcus Beutel, 72631 Aichtal
Grünwart, Christian Jörg & Bero Meyer GbR, 79114 Freiburg i. Brg
Grütz, partner for green, 79539 Lörrach

Ingo Ott, 64404 Bickenbach, Germany

State Garden Show Kamp-Lintfort, Stefan Büschken
living gardens, Lüdemann and Teske GbR, 71735 Eberdingen-Hochdorf

Markus Elsasser, Garten- & Landschaftsbau GmbH, 91207 Lauf
Martin Huber, Architects PartGmbB, 74821 Mosbach
Martin Schneider, 55294 Bodenheim
Mastergarden GBR, 67578 Gimbsheim, Germany
Michael Lemkens, Gardening & Landscaping, 41334 Nettetal
Michael Steinlein, 84184 Tiefenbach
MiGo-MiLo Miniature Golf Operator GmbH, 76547 Sinzheim
Moving Angel GmbH, 70599 Stuttgart

New, Udo, Ehrenfriehof Irmenach, 56843 Irmenach

Wiljotti, Markus Peter, garden design, 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

Images from image databases

Some images are taken in their basic form from Fotolia/Adobe Stock and iStock. The image numbers and photographers of the images are as follows:

23931306, photographer: simoneminth
24122196, photographer: simoneminth
32651243, photographer: simoneminth
38228040, photographer: fotofund
47023594, Photographer: Inna Felker
51816357, photographer: Adrian v. Allenstein
52748312, photographer: Scheer Sieglinde
53898289, photographer: womue
54066635, photographer: sirastock
54381422, photographer: alexandre zveiger
55028518, photographer: hansenn
55529470, Photographer: serkat Photography
55935842, Photographer: Elenathewise
58571511, Photographer: 3DarcaStudio
59749161, Photographer: 3DarcaStudio

, Photographer: Antonina Vincent
62596474, photographer: fuchsphotography
66803628, Photographer: blickwinkel2511
67951695, Photographer: magele-picture
69378905, Photographer: Irina MANSIEUX
69501425, photographer: alexandre zveiger
70762318, photographer: alexandre zveiger
71346992, photographer: unknown
71602211, photographer: lyubimtseva_k
71880184, photographer: js-photo
71880195, photographer: js-photo
84663238, photographer: maho
86818085, photographer: js-photo
9233127, Photographer: Andre Bonn

15398706, Photographer: Pgiam
27056604, Photographer: Tom Merton
4159869, photographer: stevegeer
44256012, Photographer: Delpixart
493830173, Photographer: ShutterWorx
5115801, Photographer: Eirasophie
530495084, photographer: xijian
5886778, Photographer: BertrandB
62881526, photographer: andhal
71194617, photographer: unknown
92133335, photographer: unknown
92579065, photographer: fotolinchen
9708495, Photographer: Lya_Cattel

Images from commissioned photographers

For special projects or photo situations, we will be happy to send a photographer to you. The following photographers took pictures for us:

Agency Canzler, Norman Canzler, 72474 Winterlingen-Harthausen: Agency Canzler
artismedia gmbh, Olaf Kühl, 70182 Stuttgart: artismedia
artofpoggel, Martina Stephani-Poggel, Löwenstein: artofpoggel
Trigger photo design, Kai-Uwe Wudtke, 79232 March-Buchheim: Trigger photo design
DieAugenweide, photo studio, Ralph-Udo Thiele, 71149 Bondorf: DieAugenweide
Thomas Blank, Photography, 73268 Erkenbrechtsweiler: thomasblank-photography
brandheiss advertising agency, Arne Jedele, 72622 Nürtingen: brandheiss
fotodesign-singer, Ann-Kathrin Singer, 88239 Wangen: fotodesign-singer
Freistil Photography, Anette Hammer, 42327 Wuppertal: freistil-foto
Carsten Muck, 46535 Dinslaken: carstenmuck

Note: No warning without contacting us

If the contents and images of our website violate the rights of third parties or legal regulations, please inform us! We will immediately remove any content that is justifiably objected to. We do not assume any costs without prior information.

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