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Elegant design objects for the high quality garden

There is a huge range of metal objects that can be used to make the garden not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. All our metal objects for the garden are made of high quality, designed for durability and some of them have design protection because of their special design.

We offer most objects in Corten steel – also called weatherproof structural steel or stainless steel – with its rusty patina, as well as in stainless steel or in color-coated stainless steel according to RAL or DB color shades. Hot-dip galvanized objects are also possible. On the following pages you will learn what metal garden objects you can find in our company. And if something is missing, we will be happy to manufacture it according to your ideas or sketches. Because special designs are our strength!

Garden kitchens


Railings and handrails


Garbage can and bicycle boxes


LUmini -
outdoor lights

Motif steles


Tables and

Storage boxes

Garden counters

Trend -

Garden figures

Herba -
Herb spirals

Metal garden object - versatile and for almost any use

Celebrate with family and friends - GARDEN KITCHEN

Metal outdoor kitchen is the crowning glory for many garden lovers and amateur cooks. Our garden kitchens ELBA and IBIZA are modular, so that individual cabinet elements can be assembled to the desired size. The sliding elements are equipped with damping and self-closing and are easy to operate, alternatively there are hinged or folding doors. The countertop of the metal kitchen is made of black granite NERO ASSOLUTO for a perfect fit. As accessories we offer a built-in gas grill and sink with stainless steel faucet and LED lighting – all for the highest demands. To seal corten steel kitchens, the rust-red surface can be embedded with ROST-PROTECT®. The natural oil binds the free rust particles and fixes – similar to a clear varnish – the precious rust surface.

It's a pleasure to enter - garden door PORTA

PORTA series garden doors in the standard version (type 1) consist of a closed door leaf mounted between two metal posts. The front and back are visually identical. In type 2, the door leaf is built as a supporting frame construction, the frame is visible on the back side. The door leaf can be individualized with motifs such as house numbers or names: either applied, e.g. made of stainless steel, or lasered out. The motifs of the VISTA motif wall series are ideal for this purpose. In the case of lasered motifs, the door leaf can be left open at the back so that the light shines through, or it can be backed with colored acrylic glass, for example. As accessories for the PORTA garden doors Gartenmetall® offers door fittings with handle set or knob, locks, handle bars, electric door openers and support wheels for swing doors. Door locks are installed on site. The garden doors are available in standard sizes 900 x 1,000 mm and 1,800 x 1,000 mm. We are happy to implement special dimensions!

A good climb - with the GELÄNDER from Gartenmetall®.

If the height of the fall is more than one meter, the law requires the installation of a safety device. Railings in this case provide safety and support in the garden and on the terrace. For many years Gartenmetall® has been supplying pluggable stainless steel railing elements with round posts, system BUNIA, which can be easily and uncomplicatedly installed in private gardens – mostly without welding. Since each installation situation is individual, we support the building owners in the planning and execution of the modern and stable railing.
The LAVAL system with flat posts has been developed for public areas and the associated higher requirements for stability and rigidity. Typical surfaces of railing posts here are corten steel or stainless steel. In all cases, the round handrail is made of polished stainless steel. The railing elements can be filled with crossbars, perforated plate or glass elements, providing additional safety on stairways, terraces and paths. Mounting is done on a flat, stable surface.

There the letter carrier is pleased - mailbox stele CASA

Our freestanding mailbox stele CASA can receive more than just letters. CASA has one or more spacious mailboxes, optional newspaper tube and separate parcel compartment. In addition, the mailbox with bell, intercom, finger sensor and video surveillance becomes a modern communication pedestal and establishes the first contact with the residents of the house. The metal entrance stele can be customized with house number, street and name, and can be properly staged with lighting. It is set in concrete in the ground or bolted to a stable foundation. Other options are individually designed and manufactured – ask for a suitable solution for your construction project.

Plenty of storage space - garbage cans and bicycle boxes

Where to put unsightly garbage cans, bicycles, baby baby carriages or bulky garden tools? Our new, spacious trash can and bicycle boxes made of high-quality Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated steel create the ideal storage space here and at the same time visually enhance the entrance area.

The ZITTAU metal trash can box can hold trash cans with a capacity of 120 liters, 140 liters and 240 liters, depending on the size. It opens from the front via a revolving door and is supplied fully assembled – including a safety rope and high-quality lockable handle. The roof of the garbage can box can be greened and thus harmoniously blends into the front garden. Alternatively, the box can be equipped with a hinged roof, opened from above and waste can be easily filled in. Other options are available upon request.

The XANTEN series garbage can and bicycle boxes are equipped with sliding doors that can be smoothly moved back and forth on high-quality rails. The special design and unique construction are protected by patent and design. XANTEN is available with two, three or four sliding doors for a maximum of two, three or four 120-liter trash cans. The smallest box is 1,300 mm wide (2-door) and can hold two trash cans, while the largest box is 3,200 mm wide (also 2-door) and can hold two trash cans with a capacity of 1,000 liters or even three bicycles. The metal doors are opened and closed via a rotary knob. A cylinder lock can also be fitted on site and combined with the house locking system, for example.

Uncomplicated parcel acceptance - POSTALE parcel boxes

Often the parcel carrier comes just when no one is at home. Our metal parcel boxes are the ideal solution here: Using a special parcel locker (provided by the customer), the parcel boxes can be filled once by the supplier and then only opened with a key or keycard. This is how modern parcel acceptance works today!

The parcel boxes are made of sturdy metal (Corten steel, stainless steel, color-coated stainless steel) with doors folded on all sides. They are available with 2 doors for smaller households or, on request, with four doors for apartment buildings. A parcel compartment has a volume of 480 x 580 x 380 mm³ and is therefore sufficient for larger parcels. Optionally, we supply the parcel boxes also with nameplate or greenable flat roof, matching the trash can boxes XANTEN.


Paths and gardens brought into the light - outdoor luminaires LUMINI

The right lighting not only ensures greater safety around the house, but also sets accents in the garden. Garden Metal® outdoor lights are simple and straightforward in their shape, high quality workmanship and harmonize with our other metal garden objects.

Eye-catcher for any garden -
Motif steles CORA

Convey individual messages in your garden or on your terrace with our metal CORA motif steles. In addition to our standard steles with words such as welcome, joy and peace, we also offer numerous motifs from the range of VISTA privacy screens, such as the popular ginkgo, allium or grass motifs. Club logos of your favorite club or other special requests are also possible. The metal steles are inserted or hammered into the ground. Depending on the load situation, the stability of the stelae can also be reinforced with point foundations.

Make yourself comfortable -
Garden lounger FELICE

The high-quality wave lounger FELICE is a great place to relax – whether in the garden, on the terrace or in parks and squares. The lounger has a robust but elegant body made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel. The support consists of longitudinally aligned and ergonomically shaped slats made of RESYSTA®. The natural fiber compound is particularly weather-resistant and durable. It does not resin, does not have splinters and does not warp like natural wood. The couch is available in two widths as a single couch or double couch.


Please take a seat - TABLES and BENCHES by Gartenmetall®.

Looking for special tables or benches for your garden or terrace? Then we have the right thing for you! Our VERONA and GARDA series garden furniture is made of durable and elegantly shaped Corten steel, also called weatherproof mild steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel. To prevent rusting of corten steel furniture, the garden furniture can be sealed with our ROST-PROTECT® rust protection. The surface gains in color intensity and has a noble silk-matt shine – just like a clear coat. All tables and benches can be readjusted in height if the surface is uneven.

The curved designer benches VERONA have a seat cover made of weather-resistant thermo-ash or natural fiber composite RESYSTA®. Matching table VERONA is available in the same curved shape.

Garden furniture series GARDA has a classic design, all corners and edges are rounded and polished. The table surface can be covered with safety glass noble and effective. Metal benches GARDA are available as single stools or as a small bench with a support made of thermo-ash or RESYSTA®. There is a recessed grip on each side. So you can carry the benches to your favorite place.

A lot fits in there - ALVARO storage box

Lots of storage space and that in an elegant form: The storage box ALVARO is equipped with a hinged lid and gas pressure dampers and can thus be opened easily. The interior is protected against moisture with a special black plastic coating and the lid is covered with a layer of weather-resistant thermo-ash or RESYSTA®.

Round counter for cool parties - garden counter ROMAN

Barbecues and pool parties in the garden are simply part of summer. The best way to serve drinks and snacks is at the round garden counter ROMAN.
The metal shelf is coated with black plastic. It is particularly robust, offers a pleasant feel and is easy to maintain if the mood ever boils over.

Most beautiful shape for flowers - TREND planter

Our TREND planters are made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel with a high-quality finish and rounded edges. The planters are available with square-cube and square-conical design, both models with water-permeable or open bottom. To protect against heat and cold, we recommend lining the inside with root insulation panels.

For individual gardens - garden figures FIGURA

A real eye-catcher are life-size garden figures FIGURA made of metal. In addition to deer, roe deer, horse and dog, we are also happy to turn your own ideas into metal – send us your hand sketch or a laser-cut file.

There's a herb against it - HERBA herb spiral

Our high-quality herb spirals HERBA made of metal are open at the bottom, so that herbs and flowers have enough root space. Thanks to the copper content in the Corten steel, snails give a wide berth to the material, which is corrosive to them – a good harvest for hobby gardeners and amateur cooks is guaranteed!

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