troja square-shaped

Fireplace TROJA SQUARE SHAPED for wood fire

This is clearly a classic and the best object for lovers of open fire: our fire pit TROJA has a square-compact body made of Corten steel or stainless steel, height 450 mm. The fire bowl for wood firing is round and offers space even for larger logs. With grill grate as an attachment TROJA can be used as a high-quality garden grill. This creates a real campfire atmosphere! For added convenience, there is a storage space inside the fireplace. In the “cold” TROJA with side door can be stored accessories such as barbecue utensils. The side door is available with or without perforated plate and incl. stainless steel handle. With inserted stone plate for heat storage, it even becomes a real pizza oven!
For stainless steel version, the use of a coaster is recommended. This avoids rust discoloration, e.g. on patio tiles. Supplied without coaster. Made by Gartenmetall®. More ideas from the category FIRE OBJECTS you can find here.

Fireplace TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED – Variants

TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED classic or with side door

The side door with stainless steel handle is large enough to store accessories such as grates, grill utensils, etc. in the cold fireplace. At the bottom, a sheet metal floor protects against soil moisture. Since temperatures up to 300° C are reached inside, the oven is ideal as an outdoor baking or pizza oven. Together with a preheated fireclay pizza stone, baking becomes a real party hit. Side door with integrated thermometer on request.

Feuerstelle TROJA QUADRATISCH zur Holzbefeuerung
TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED for wood firing without side door
Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer mit Seitentüre
TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED for wood firing with side door and handle
Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch mit Thermometer als Pizzaofen
TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED with side door and thermometer as pizza oven

TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED with grill ring for indirect grilling

If you like to grill meat or vegetables, i.e. anything you can’t stick on a skewer, our TORJA variant with grill ring for indirect grilling is a great support. The grill ring is made of bright steel, as this material conducts particularly well. Before first use, it must be liberally coated with cooking oil and starch. In this way, a dark, stable surface is formed during the first grilling, which is even more suitable for grilling after each application. To clean, peel off cleanly with a spatula.

Feuerstelle TROJA QUADRATISCH zur Holzbefeuerung mit Grillring
TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED for wood firing with grill ring
Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer mit Seitentüre und Groilring
TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED for wood firing with grill ring and side door

The grill ring becomes distorted by the heat. However, this does not affect the function of the grill ring and is therefore no reason for complaint.

TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED as outdoor baking or pizza oven

Inside the fireplace temperatures up to 300 ° C are reached. Therefore the oven variant with side door is ideal for outdoor baking and pizza oven. Together with a preheated firebrick, baking becomes a party hit. To prevent the pizza from burning, the temperature can be monitored with a thermometer integrated in the door.

Thermometer für Feuerstelle TROJA
Thermometer for TROJA as oven
Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer mit Seitentüre als Pizzaofen
TROJA, here the square version, as pizza oven –
creates great baking experiences and results

Accessories for fireplace TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED

If you want to turn our classic TROJA into a real barbecue pit, here is an overview of the most important accessories that we offer to match TROJA SQUARE-SHAPED: Coasters to protect the terrace from rusting, but also from ash; lids to prevent water from collecting in the tray; two versions of grill grate: a larger one to put directly on the grill or a smaller one as an attachment to the grill ring. Translated with (free version) In addition, covers made of metal or wood so that during the cold season you can use the body as a bench…

Zubehör für TROJA QUADRATISCH Edelstahl-Grillrost MASSIV
Stainless steel grill SOLID
Untersetzer für Feuerstelle TROJA quadratisch, aus Edelstahl
Coaster square made of stainless steel
Untersetzer, rund, aus Edelstahl für Feuerstelle TROJA
Coaster round made of stainless steel
Deckel flach, rund, für Feuerstelle TROJA
Lid flat, round
Zubehör für Gartenobjekte - TROJA QUADRATISCH
Lid high, round (with space for grill grate)
Abdeckung für Feuerstelle TROJA flach
Cover flat
Abdeckung für Feuerstelle TROJA aus Holz
Wooden cover as seat rest
Grillring zum indirekten Grillen für Feuerstelle TROJA
Steel grill ring
Grillrost für Grillring, Feuerstelle TROJA
Grill grate for grill ring
Zubehör für TROJA QUADRATISCH Kohleneinsatzrost
Charcoal insert grate
Thermometer für Feuerstelle TROJA
Barbecue thermometer

Application and installation instructions for fire objects

In order to enjoy a relaxed barbecue evening it is essential that you observe the following safety instructions when dealing with fire. For example:

    • Make sure there is sufficient distance to buildings.
    • Place the fireplace always on a flat and fireproof surface.
    • Use only dry firewood.
    • Never leave the fire unattended.
    • Extinguish the fire immediately in case of strong blowing sparks and wind.

Please download our user information FIRE ELEMENTS for further information on what you need to be aware of when dealing with fire.

Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer
Fire pit TROJA square for wood fire

VIDEO – Fireplace TROJA brings life to the garden

Fire elements TROJA for wood fire
Fire elements TROJA made of corten steel create atmosphere in the garden. Here you can grill, bake pizza or just chill. Material fireplace: high quality corten steel in stainless steel look, with grill ring and grill grate for best grilling results. Thanks to the side door, the grill can also be used as a pizza oven and the grill accessories can be conveniently stored. Garden metal fireplaces are made of high quality, designed for durability and conjure up a special atmosphere in the garden.


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A

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