Licensed products for Nürburgring fans

Fire baskets and info steles Exclusively for fans and friends of motorsports

Our exclusive “Fan Fire” fire pits for Nürburgring fans are an eye-catcher on the terrace and garden and a real statement for motorsport. All four sides are decorated with lasered motifs.
The fire baskets are available with two different motifs: On two sides the Nürburgring logo with race track is shown, on the other two sides either the lettering

    • “Die Grüne Hölle an der Nürburg” or the short version
    • “Grüne Hölle”
Nürburgring Logo
Feuerobjekte Nürburgring, Feuerkorb VESUV
Nürburgring fire basket "FAN FIRE" saying: "Die Grüne Hölle an der Nürburg"
Feuerobjekte Nuerburgring-Feuerkorb
Nürburgring fire basket "FAN FIRE" slogan: "Grüne Hölle"
Lizenzprodukte Nürburgring, Motivstele
Nürburgring slogan stele with the logo of the Nürburgring

Useful accessories for fire baskets

To ensure that nothing goes wrong during lighting, we recommend placing a stainless steel coaster underneath. This protects the decking from soiling by ashes and also prevents the fire basket from rusting on sensitive surfaces.

Coaster square made of stainless steel
Coaster for stainless steel fire pit basket

If you also want to grill on your “Fan Fire” fire basket, you should order a stainless steel grill grate to go with it. It has adjustable feet and can be easily placed on the fire basket. Material: stainless steel.

Grillrost mit Stellfüßen, aus Edelstahl
Stainless steel grill grate with adjustable feet

Further licensed products with the Nürburgring logo, such as VISTA privacy screen walls, are available on request. More ideas from the category FIRE OBJECTS you can find here.

Application and installation instructions for fire objects

In order to enjoy a relaxed barbecue evening it is essential that you observe the following safety instructions when dealing with fire. For example:

    • Make sure there is sufficient distance to buildings.
    • Place the fireplace always on a flat and fireproof surface.
    • Use only dry firewood.
    • Never leave the fire unattended.
    • Extinguish the fire immediately in case of strong blowing sparks and wind.

Please download our user information FIRE ELEMENTS for further information on what you need to be aware of when dealing with fire.

Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer
Fire pit TROJA square for wood fire

Information Material

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User information

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