Fireplace NEMEA

Fireplace NEMEA

Barbecue Area and Fireplace NEMEA

Do you have any special requirements for your fireplace? Our fireplace NEMEA is the perfect object to give your garden, your terrace or your living spaces a fine structure and a sort of privacy protection at the same time. No smoke – no embers – no sparks – no ash – but still: romantic atmosphere.
It is delivered with glass panels on both sides of the fire source. The fireplace can be powered by bioetanol, gas or electricity. Please order separately. Sharp edges either broken or welded from inside, sizes according to table, custom sizes possible. Made by Gartenmetall®.

NEMEA with Closed or Open Corpus

Feuerstelle NEMEA, Korpus geschlossen

Fireplace NEMEA, closed corpus

Feuerstelle NEMEA, Korpus an einer Seite offen

Fireplace NEMEA, corpus open on one side

Options: Fire Insert for Open and Closed Fire Place NEMEA


Bioethanol-Insert, if necessary 2 parts


Gas fire-insert, length as required

Elektrisches Effektfeuer

Electric effect fire, length as required

Instructions for Installation and Use

Please note our safety instructions for the use of the fireplace on this page.

  • sufficient distance between fire pit and buildings
  • fireplaces on fireproof ground
  • only use dried firewood
  • never leave the fire unattended
  • in case of strong wind or flying sparks extinguish the fire immediatelly