Powered by Bio-Ethanol

An indoor fireplace? Our fire pit ATHENS can be used indoors and outdoors, e.g. not only on the terrace but also in the living rooms. All rough edges are welded from inside, sharp edges are removed.
In order to avoid rust stains on terrace tiles we recommend an underlay. Please order separately. Made by Gartenmetall®

Fire Pit ATHENS - Powered by Bio-Ethanol

The fire element with bio-ethanol insert made from stainless steel will be filled with stones. Note: The stones are included, whereas the bio-ethanol insert itself has to be ordered separately!

ATHEN mit Bioethanol-Einsatz in Cortenstahl

Fire Pit ATHENS - Powered by Bio-Ethanol in Corten Steel

ATHEN mit Bioethanol-Einsatz in Edelstahl

Fire Pit ATHENS - Powered by Bio-Ethanol in Stainless Steel

Accessories if Powered by Bio-Ethanol

Bio-Ethanol-Einsatz aus Edelstahl/Aluminium

Bio-Ethanol-insert made from stainless steel / aluminium

Accessories if Powered by Bio-Ethanol


Fire Pit ATHENS - Powered by Gas

No smoke – no embers – no sparks – no ash: Romantic atmosphere with real flames instead of wood fire. Instead of the use of bio-ethanol a gas element with logs made from ceramics and lava stone is installed. The use is only allowed outdoors and with enough fresh air supply, as it is a real fire!
The fire pit will be delivered with igniter, providing fire at a push of the button. Power of gas fire pit up to 6.5 kW.
The amount of gas required and the flame intensity can be adjusted steplessly through the integrated turning knob. In the gas fire variant the side door with the turning knob (Art. Nr. 44 00 34) is automatically integrated. For safety reasons the gas cylinder next to the fireplace has to have a good ventilation. Note: The gas cylinder is not included.
Optional features as a remote control / a control by iphone are available on request.


ATHENS with gas fire insert and side door

Feuerelement für Garten rechteckiger Gasfeuereinsatz

Rectangular gas fire insert

Gartenfeuerelement quadratischer Gasfeuereinsatz

Square-shaped gas fire insert

Instructions for Installation and Use

Please note our safety instructions for the use of the fireplace on this page.

  • sufficient distance between fire pit and buildings
  • fireplaces on fireproof ground
  • only use dried firewood
  • never leave the fire unattended
  • in case of strong wind or flying sparks extinguish the fire immediately
Sicherheitshinweise für den Betrieb der Feuerstelle

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available