Fireplace ARGOS

Fireplace with decorative fire

Fireplace ARGOS – with electric, gas or bioethanol operation

A fireplace for indoor use? Without sparks, ash and smoke? Our fireplace with decorative fire ARGOS is available in three different fire variants: with electric fire, with bioethanol burner or as a gas fire. These must always be ordered separately. All three variants with sufficient air supply are suitable not only for the terrace but also for indoor use, for example for living rooms, hotel lobbies or other reception areas. We also offer ARGOS with closed surface or with decorative stones. These are included in the scope of delivery.

ARGOS is available with a square footprint in standard sizes of 500 mm², 900 mm² and 1,200 mm². We offer the round version as standard with a diameter of ø950mm and ø1,250 mm. The height in all cases is 450 mm.

For Corten steel version, please place a coasters underneath. This prevents rust stains, for example on patio tiles. Made by Gartenmetall®. More ideas from the category FIRE OBJECTS for gas, electric and bioethanol operation you can find here: >>>Fireplace NEMEA

Decorative fire ARGOS for gas fire

Real flames without wood fire: as a source of fire is installed gas fire element which is filled with logs of ceramic and lava stones, so from a distance resembles natural fuel. The flame intensity can be continuously regulated via the integrated rotary knob inside the fireplace. To have access to the control, gas fire always requires a side door with perforated plate. Supplied with electric igniter – fire at the touch of a button. Optional operation of the gas fire insert with radio remote control or iPhone is also possible on request. The gas bottle is not included in the delivery. Operation is only permitted indoors with sufficient fresh air supply. For safety reasons, the gas bottle must be installed well ventilated next to the fireplace. The gas fire insert – as well as all other fuel elements – must be ordered separately.

Gasfeuer-Einsatz quadratisch für Dekofeuer ARGOS
square gas fire insert
Gasfeuer-Einsatz rechteckig für Dekofeuer ARGOS
rectangular gas fire insert

Variant with solid body on top

The ARGOS variant with a solid body is kept simple and elegant. So the flame is particularly well shown off. The control for the gas fire is located inside the fireplace.

Feuerstelle ARGOS Quadratisch, Gasfeuer
ARGOS SQUARE with side door made of perforated plate and handle
Feuerstelle ARGOS Rund , Gasfeuer
ARGOS ROUND with perforated sheet side door and handle

ARGOS variant with decorative stones

ARGOS gas fire variant with stones is decorative even without a flame. They come with both square and round base. The decorative stones for the cover are included.

Feuerstelle ARGOS Quadratisch mit Steinen
ARGOS SQUARE with stones and side door from perforated plate
Feuerstelle ARGOS Rund mit Steinen, Gasfeuer
ARGOS ROUND with stones and perforated sheet side door

Accessories for ARGOS gas fire – gas cylinder container for optical lamination.

In order to store the required gas cylinder safely and visually appealing, we offer gas cylinder containers with different lids to match the fireplace ARGOS: with solid metal lid, with wooden support or prepared for stone plate (not included).

Feuerstelle Gasflaschenbehälter mit massivem Metalldeckel
Container with solid metal lid
Feuerstelle Gasflaschenbehälter
Container with metal lid and wooden rest
Feuerstelle Gasflaschenbehälter mit Deckel, vorbereitet für Steinplatte
Container with lid, prepared for stone slab (on-site)

Accessories for ARGOS gas fire - glass surround

To protect against burns, especially for children’s hands, we recommend placing a glass surround around the gas fire source. Height 210 mm, length x width 490 mm²

Feuerstelle ARGOS Rund, Gasfeuer
ARGOS with glass rim for protection from flames

Decorative fire ARGOS for bioethanol use

Bioethanol is a fuel produced from biomass or the biodegradable fractions of waste. The liquid fuel is filled into the container and ignited. To extinguish, simply place the enclosed lid to smother the flames. Per 300 mm length approx. 1.5 liters of fuel supply possible.

Feuereinsatz Bioethanol für Dekofeuer ARGOS
Stainless steel/aluminum bioethanol insert

Extinguishing the bioethanol flame by means of a lid

FEUERELEMENT AUS METALL Bioethanol-Einsatz_Abdeckung

Decorative fire ARGOS for electric fire use

The realistic flame effect is created by steam and light in electric operation. As standard we offer inserts with 400 mm, 550 mm or 1,500 mm length. The water tank holds approx. 1.7 liters at 400mm length. This filling quantity is enough for a flame effect of 8 to 10 hours, depending on the regulation. Delivery incl. remote control and imitation wood pre-assembled in the frame. The electric insert does not emit radiant heat but because of its sensitivity to wind, it is suitable only for indoor use.

Elektrofeuer-Einsatz für Feuerstelle ARGOS
Electric fire insert rectangular

Application and installation instructions for fire objects

In order to enjoy a relaxed barbecue evening it is essential that you observe the following safety instructions when dealing with fire. For example:

    • Make sure there is sufficient distance to buildings.
    • Place the fireplace always on a flat and fireproof surface.
    • Use only dry firewood.
    • Never leave the fire unattended.
    • Extinguish the fire immediately in case of strong blowing sparks and wind.

Please download our user information FIRE ELEMENTS for further information on what you need to be aware of when dealing with fire.

Feuerstelle TROJA Quadratisch für Holzfeuer
Fire pit TROJA square for wood fire


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A

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