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Metal fire objects

Whether on balmy summer evenings or cool autumn or spring days: fire elements provide coziness in the garden, atmospheric mood and spread warmth and light. Our fire objects were designed for different places of use, but are a real „bright spot“ in any place. Learn more about what metal fire objects are below. Our classics TROJA, SPARTA and VESUV are fired with firewood and
radiate powerful heat.

ARGOS series fireplaces and NEMEA decorative fireplaces, on the other hand, are powered by gas, bioethanol or electric burners. Since they do not produce smoke, embers or sparks, they are particularly suitable for decorative purposes, and in the case of electric burners, for example, also for indoor use such as hotel lobbies or reception rooms.
For each metal fire object we offer a wide range of accessories: The stainless steel grill grate was developed to complement our fireplaces with wood fire – for grilling meat, vegetables and other delicacies, as well as the grill ring, which is suitable for indirect grilling. If the TROJA fireplace is to be used as a seat during the day, we offer a cover made of thermo-ash or RESYSTA®.










The fire elements from Gartenmetall®

What are the metal fire objects? Learn more in the following product descriptions:

Fire basket VESUV -
Bright spot on the terrace

As an entry-level model for terrace and garden is our fire basket VESUV. It is available in the typical rusty stainless steel version or as a stainless steel version for special locations. Thanks to its compact size, the fire basket can be easily transported and thus spread warmth and a feel-good atmosphere at barbecues, birthday parties or other outdoor celebrations. Please do not forget the coaster as protection against rust and soot particles! Are you looking for a special gift? We will gladly laser your name, logo or desired motif into the side walls of the metal fire object. Thus, the fire basket becomes a very personal gift.

Fireplaces TROJA -
our classics

The fireplaces TROJA square and TROJA round are our classics for wood firing. It is available as a rectangular cube or a round cylinder, in both cases with a circular fire bowl. All edges are broken to protect against injury. By default, we offer the fireplaces up to a length / width of 1.5 meters. However, special designs are always possible thanks to our in-house production!
With the grill grate as an attachment, TROJA can be used as a high-quality garden grill. With the fireplace variant with side door, the barbecue area even becomes a real outdoor oven! Here, an additional pizza stone is enough to achieve results like from a wood-fired oven. The lockable side door with handle tray is large enough to allow accessories such as grates, grill utensils, etc. to be stored in the cold fireplace. A practical idea and popular variant! TROJA is available as a precious rust fire object or as a stainless steel variant.

Fire element ARGOS -
With decorative fire

Our fireplaces ARGOS are in the design language based on the classic TROJA square and round. In contrast, however, ARGOS is not operated with wood fire, but with electric, gas or bioethanol firing at the touch of a button. Unwanted side effects such as smoke, embers, flying sparks and ash fallout are therefore completely eliminated. Especially the electric fireplaces can thus be well placed as a decorative object in the interior, where they can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Only ARGOS with gas fire operation have an integrated side door, as the control unit is located inside. The gas cylinder must be placed well ventilated next to the fireplace for safety reasons. As accessories for all models, we offer stainless steel coasters to prevent rusting, a glass surround to protect children and other accessories. The lava stones are included in models with stones.

Decorative fireplace NEMEA -
for interiors

Living rooms, reception areas and hotel lobbies, but also the terrace and garden will experience a great upgrade with the decorative metal fireplace NEMEA . Because the decorative fireplace captivates on the one hand with its simple elegant form, with which it can also be used as a room divider, on the other hand it attracts all eyes with its play of flames. The fire insert can be operated either electrically or with a bioethanol or gas fire insert – but in any case without smoke, ash, embers and sparks. To protect children’s hands, there is a glass pane on both sides. NEMEA is available with closed or one-sided open metal body made of rust-red Corten steel, Rotex-ground stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel.


Bench MERAN -
shapely and practical

As a complement to our metal fire objects is suitable our bench MERAN made of corten or stainless steel. Here, the firewood can be conveniently stowed under the seat made of thermo-ash or the natural fiber compound RESYSTA® and is always ready as soon as the barbecue party is to rise. So please take a seat!

Safety instructions for all fire elements

For all the joy of fire in the garden: be careful, place fireplaces only in suitable places and on the right surface, observe the safety distances and never leave fire objects unattended. Further information and legal regulations can be found in the user information FIRE.

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