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More than 50 landscapers and landscape architects were guests at our large OPEN HOUSE with Glass Production on March 18, 2022 – a real bright spot this spring! During the entertaining technical training in the morning, one could see the lively interest in the exciting topic “Metal in the garden” on the faces.
In the afternoon, our sales staff led the groups on a station walk through the plant. Participants experienced the full range of garden objects and street furniture at first hand and contributed their own ideas and suggestions from the field. During the walk through the production, it was then possible to follow the manufacturing steps from the simple metal panel to the finished garden object. The exchange among colleagues was also particularly lively after the long break. It was also motivating for us to feel your interest and enthusiasm.

Glad you were there with us. We are already looking forward to a reunion next year, with pleasure also with new faces,
Your Gartenmetall® Team

Feedback on the OPEN HOUSE 2022

in Nürtingen

In the following, you can read about the impressions our seminar visitors returned home with:

Mr. Thumm was very passionate in describing and demonstrating the products. It was a very impressive day, also from a professional point of view.
Gerd Oczko, Gerd Oczko Planning Office, 63110 Rodgau, Germany

Entertaining, instructive and tangible – this is the best way to summarize the day with technical seminar. For us as processors, it gives us a good feeling to work with producers who identify with their product in this way and have high quality standards. The constant tinkering with design and workmanship was something you made tangible on this day. This overall package also makes our work easier in the end. Thanks for that and keep up the good work!
Oliver Mannsperger, Horticulture, 76689 Karlsdorf-Neuthard


to the past seminars

We, the company GRÜNWOLF, are annual visitors of the seminars of Gartenmetall, because we always want to be on the cutting edge of technology for our customers and offer the latest innovations around metal in the garden. The seminars will present the latest products, improvements and the best ways to install them and how to avoid mistakes. Thus, we are always well prepared for the coming garden year. We can only warmly recommend the products and the good service of the company Gartenmetall and will constantly expand the products of Gartenmetall in our assortment.

Thank you for the seminar I was able to attend today in Essen. It was very well organized and I gained a lot of new knowledge, especially about corten steel. E.g. What I as a landscaper need to look for in installation and maintenance. I also received many new ideas, suggestions and new products for designing existing or new gardens.
Louis-Marie Guillet, LHG Garden

The seminar in Wetzlar that I attended was super and very helpful in some topics.
Sebastian Haeder, garden design and maintenance

Thank you very much for this informative seminar on the subject of metal. Very interesting was the self-critical way of Mr. Thumm and the passing on of practical tips and legal concerns.
Joshua Scots, Scots the Gardener

The critical approach to its own products and their materials shows that Gartenmetall is genuinely interested in finding good solutions and not just trying to sell as many products as possible as quickly as possible that merely look good. European consumers need producers and artisans who value being proud of their work and products (even if this comes at a price). The environment needs durable, solid workpieces, not cheap throwaway scrap.
Thomas Weilinger, Garden Weilinger

The seminar in Hörstel was very informative for me. I took a number of details from Mr. Thumm’s entertaining presentation that will certainly help me in my day-to-day planning.
Michael Krüger

Mr. Thumm’s relaxed and refreshing manner made the seminar very entertaining and we were able to take many practical tips home with us.
Rainer and Niklas Kellermann, Neubauernhof

Although I already knew the products “theoretically” from the catalog, it was something else to “experience” them in real life. In addition, the explanations from the boss himself – this has deepened the topic of metal in the garden for me by a lot. I also liked the honest explanations of the points that can go wrong if used incorrectly. All in all very informative and inspiring! Use of Gartenmetall products by customers is already in sight!
Harald Lebender, Gardens for the Soul

Mr. Thumm held the seminar in a practical and honest manner in a pleasant atmosphere.
Thomas Nellessen, Nellessen garden design and path construction

Thank you very much for the very informative seminar in Hörstel. The day was very interesting, the ratio between theory and practical advice was balanced and easy to follow. The care instructions will certainly help me in discussions with customers and ensure a long life for the products.
Mona Funke, Planten und Plaastern Garden and Landscape Construction

Pictures from the OPEN HOUSE 2022

in Nürtingen

Thanks to our own production, we can manufacture the well troughs in almost any shape and dimension, e.g. rectangular, semicircular, round and, of course, special shapes. The water can splash, swell or bubble into the pool in a whole variety of ways. If you need more suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact us! We are here for you.