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for the garden

Outdoor lighting for the garden -

Light in its most beautiful form

Not only in the house, but also in the outdoor area, you can achieve a special atmosphere in the garden and on the terrace with the appropriate lighting. Dark, unlit corners should not stand a chance in the modern home garden! Proper property lighting provides sure-footedness in front yards, on garden paths, garden steps and on the patio. In addition, the feeling of safety is increased when lamps provide brightness and good visibility even in the evening and at night. Because: Light keeps burglars away!

But not only that: in the dark, the appropriate and individually defined garden lighting creates a moody and prestigious atmosphere. With the appropriate outdoor luminaire in the right place, you can even create striking light accents in the garden! Warm summer evenings are also extended with the right lighting.

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What garden lighting

is the right one?

A well-lit pathway to the house welcomes house residents and visitors alike. The letter carrier is particularly pleased when the house number is clearly visible and also the mailbox is not in the dark.

Clarity in planning -

Light distribution curves

When planning the garden lights, it is necessary to clarify the question of how much light the lamps emit and at what angle. For this, the planner needs a light distribution curve. It clearly shows how far the light cone extends and with what intensity the lamps shine. Basically, you can say that the higher a lamp is, the further it radiates. Using the light distribution curve, the designer can select the type and number of luminaires required depending on the desired illumination intensity

Power and protection class of the LED lights

Also important when choosing an outdoor luminaire is the power of the light source used. Our COMO and AREZZO bollard lights, for example, have energy-saving LED lights with warm white light and a power of 5 watts/430 lumens. Thus, they provide sufficient brightness in the garden and spread a pleasant atmosphere. The LED light-emitting diodes also have the advantage of not emitting ultraviolet and infrared light, which attracts pesky insects. Another parameter for the characterization of the illuminant is the IP protection class. It indicates whether the lamps are protected against dust and splash water, that is, have a long service life. Outdoor luminaires should have at least IP44, the higher the number, the higher the degree of protection. We use LED bulbs with IP54 protection, which protects the bulbs sufficiently against dust and splashing water penetration, so there is no risk of short circuit.

Clarity in planning -

Light color

The difference between the various colors of light can be observed particularly well during Advent and Christmas, when fairy lights illuminate the house and garden. Light colors are measured in Kelvin (K) and have their justification depending on the situation. Basically, warm white light (< 3,300 Kelvin) is perceived as cozy and spreads a pleasant atmosphere on the terrace and in the garden. Neutral white (3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin) or daylight white light (> 5,300 Kelvin), on the other hand, we perceive as cool and sober, but both provide particularly clear visibility at building entrances and stairways. So ultimately it is a matter of taste which light color is chosen.


for outdoor lights

As is well known, there is no accounting for taste. But do not completely disregard the design of a bollard light for the garden. Because shapely and simple designer lamps can also be elegant companions by day. Tasteful outdoor luminaires for patios, gardens and front yards mark pathways, set highlights in the garden and put other objects in the right light.

Care of the illuminant

and the outdoor lights

For the lamp itself, it is enough to gently wipe the lamp from time to time. Dirt cannot enter the interior because of the IP54 protection class. The body of the outdoor or bollard lights, on the other hand, must be cleaned depending on the material. As a rule, the rust-red surface of corten steel does not require maintenance, as the surface is continuously self-renewing. Only in the case of acid, for example, from dog urine or road salt, the outdoor lights should be washed with water and a soft brush. For stainless steel lamps, organic and greasy deposits should be removed regularly. This is best done with a special stainless steel care and a soft cloth. For heavier soiling, a stainless steel lotion is recommended. It removes corrosion stains and seals the surface.

Everything important at a glance.


Metal outdoor lights LUMINI